Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gee, we even watch the grass grow when we have people over! (Except for Tina, whose ever watchful eye is giving James the once-over as he takes the picture.) Thanks to everyone for coming over tonight for our impromptu cookout--I think a good time was had by all, except for maybe Ricky and Matt, who were here for about 7 minutes before heading to the ER for Ricky's dislocated finger. I think we were all more freaked out than Ricky, who took it like a champ.

What everyone was actually watching was the kids playing in the pool, even though the grass is kind of long. Notice that the only kid missing from these shots is Andrew, who's afraid he's going to get splashed by other kids, and refused to even put on his bathing suit, much less get near the pool. It's okay for a 2-year old to be a wuss, right? Regardless, he had fun playing with all the kids, especially Olivia, and by the time bedtime rolled around, he was beat. Still cute, and still a wuss for not getting in the pool, but completely exhausted.

The next couple of pictures are pretty much just for Rhonda, to settle the Rick Springfield/Jack Wagner debate. Not that there's ANY question...these shots are from the Rockville, MD Hometown Holiday show on May 25th. Great show as always, especially getting to hold Rick's hand as he made his way through the audience. I think we're going to try to see him at least one more time this year--he's doing two nights at Busch Gardens in July (shut UP Jon!) and a date in Va. Beach on Sept. 27, just in time for a
birthday trip.


Voice of Reason said...

As a side note . . . Ricky was treated like royalty at the RMH emergency room, where everyone had a good chuckle at the abnormal bend (s) in his finger. One seems to receive immediate medical attention when such abnormalities exit on a body joint. His finger was popped back into place and should heal nicely. More importantly, in his eyes, is the fact that he was cleared to play in his turf league game tonight. We apologize for not being able to spend more than a few minutes at your house. Ricky was quite dismayed that he was not able to spend more time discussing and/or playing soccer with "soccerboy;" although the "Big Mac Extra Value Meal" cheered him up grealty. Thanks again to the Hickey's for the hospitalty.

Tamara, James, & Andrew said...

Y'know---it frightens me that Ricky is so much like his father that even his finger joint does the same thing. "Voice, Jr."?