Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nope, Not Even Beer

Well, although I wasn't going to make a big deal of this officially, here it is. Today completes eight days completely carbless for the big guy and me. Gee, why do I suddenly feel like I'm in a twelve-step meeting? "My name's Tamara, and I have a problem with carbs."

Actually, I don't. It's the carbs that don't like me, apparently. I never knew they had such a grudge against me until they were gone. I'm really starting to think that my foul moods and lack of interest in just about anything and anyone weren't a symptom of me going crazy (or being a total bitch), but of the evil little carbs wreaking havoc on my blood sugar. As a parent, I know that a toddler or a preschooler can get cranky or wig out because of dips or surges in blood sugar, but it never occurred to me that potato chips or bread could be making me a nutcase!

More, and longer term, scientific studies need to be done, of course, but for right now, I will attribute my consistently good mood, overabundance of energy (to the point of being manic, occasionally), motivation to accomplish things, and failure to get bent out of shape at the tiny little things that usually stick in my craw (what the hell does that mean?) to the lack of carbs floating through my bloodstream to stick willy-nilly to the closest available fat reserve. And I'm determined to see it through. The plan is for two weeks "on the (carb) wagon," before introducing them in moderation back into the diet. MY plan is to avoid the little bastards forever, if I can. Wait, maybe I didn't mean forever. I think I just meant as much as possible, forever.

It hasn't been terribly difficult, which surprises me. My Achilles heel has been times that we didn't have a menu planned out for the day, or when we were low on groceries and ingredients. But along the way, I've discovered that I can actually cook pretty well with basic staples of proteins and vegetables. And I discovered that I can make a faux "pizza" (no crust), by layering tomatoes, olive oil, and other pizza topping ingredients, including lots of cheese, in a baking pan. Season to taste, bake for about twenty-five minutes, and voila! Crustless pizza!

Weight loss is one of the goals, of course, but so is just an overall healthier lifestyle. Supposedly during this stage (Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, which lasts two weeks), one can lose 8-12 pounds. I scoffed, but I lost four over the weekend, and even though I don't weigh daily like I should, I know it's coming off. What I wonder is, if I stayed on Phase 1 (no carbs at all), would it continue at that rate? If so, and I averaged four pounds a week, then by Christmas I could be down about sixty pounds? IF it works that way--any dieticians out there? Okay, enough of the diet talk--I hate to hear about diets, and one thing I don't like about doing this is that I have to THINK about food all day long, because I have to plan. But maybe that's better than eating mindlessly...of course it is. Wish me will power!


DebbieQ said...

I am wishing you carbless will power!

Tam said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Wishing you much much WILL POWER!

youarekiddingme said...

You are the Carb-less Queen! You can do it - you've done it this far! I am also quite impressed with the crustless pizza!

Tam said...

You know Carbs stalk me! I don't have a problem with them...it is them...they truly stalk ME! LOL LOL I hope that made you laugh!

TeeTee said...

Eight days?

That is amazing!

Tam said...

HOPE all is going GREAT! Just stalked over to say HOWDY!