Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watching our garden grow!

This has been an experiment in agriculture for sure, but I'm pretty damn tickled with the progress the garden has made in the past month. A few tiny green tomatoes were the first
to appear, and tonight I was ecstatic to see some actual minute peppers, a couple of squash, and a cute little cucumber (pickle-sized).

The cabbage will be my Achilles heel, though---see the stupid holes all over the leaves from the evil cabbage worms or loopers or whatever?? GRRRRRRR! I looked and looked and can't see any visible vermin on the leaves, but something is eating the heck out of them. efforts to be completely chemical free aside, I dusted tonight using something that's relatively benign. We'll see if the cabbage recovers.

Andrew just came upstairs to get ready for bed---after a half-hour battle with James to get him to clean up his toys. His bedtime snack tonight is a little bowl of berries picked from the "nature preserve" (a.k.a., the edge of the wooded lot that we don't mow or do anything with---how ridiculously excited I was to find multiple thatches of blackberries growing back there!).

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