Wednesday, July 23, 2008

State Fair and Poetry

Look out, state fair, here I come. I know they give blue ribbons for the freakishly big specimens of produce, but what about the miniscule? 'Cause I have that contest in the bag! "World's Tiniest Watermelon"--I can see it now! Maybe there's even a trophy!

I have to apologize for the crappy picture quality, but multiple factors went into making it as bad as it is. First, it's a cell phone picture. It was also dusk and we were in the shade of the poisonous, evil walnut trees. Last, but not least, I had just spent 15 minutes thoroughly soaking the garden because it hadn't rained in eons, when I had the ingenius idea of taking this picture. Keep in mind, there's a 4' tall mesh fence all around the garden to keep out the critters, and after 15 minutes of watering, the garden was extremely muddy. It's not normal mud, either--it's clay that cakes to your feet, making it impossible to walk, but very possible to lose a flip-flop in the muck. So no way in hell was I going in there. So I leaned way over the fence and stretched to pick this little booger up. If you know me, you know that I'm clumsy, so chances were good I was going to go ass-over-teakettle and fall head first into the muck I was trying to avoid, all for the sake of taking a picture of an itty bitty little watermelon. To make a long story short, although that's not possible at this point, I did NOT fall in, but the picture is kinda crappy. But isn't it cute? Some weird part of me wanted to take it inside, slice it up, and see if it actually looks and tastes like watermelon in there, but I resisted the urge so I can see if it will get actually get big enough to eat before Christmas. Stay tuned for progress updates---I know you're just breathless with anticipation.

As for the poetry, I was digging through a desk drawer yesterday and found a poem I wrote about...holy crap, about ten years ago! Is THAT possible?! Ugggh--well, based on the context of the poem, you can definitely tell it's pre-Andrew, and I'm sure I remember writing this when we lived in our townhouse. It was written at about this very same time of year. It's silly and was just for fun, but the paper it's written on is decomposing, so I should do something with it before it disintegrates. I definitely used too many apostrophes.

Images of Summer
Wakin' up early on a beautiful day
standin' in the waves and feelin' the spray
lyin' in the sun, hearin' kids and birds chirp
drinkin' a beer and comin' up with a burp
snugglin' in bed in the flannel sheets
walkin' on the beach, and the sand on my feet
peanuts at the game and spittin' out the shells
drivin' by the clocktower, hearin' the bells
jumpin' in the shower, rinsin' off the sand
watchin' t.v., my honey holdin' my hand
cotton candy, ferris wheels, 4th of July
summer just started, but the days fly by.

Fryin' burgers on the grill, not too charred
findin' a yard sale is never very hard
wakin' up late, and it's already noon
too darn lazy to pick up the damn broom
listenin' to music and readin' a book
orderin' a pizza 'cause I don't wanna cook
takin' bubble baths and workin' on a poem
goin' out at night instead of stayin' home
pickin' up the phone and callin' my ma
sunburn's peelin' and I don't wear a bra
drinkin' a couple daiquiris under the moon
almost August, summer's over too soon.

I don't know who would want to steal that, but ALL RIGHTS RESERVED anyway. ---T

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