Monday, August 04, 2008


Okay, so I've read it. We stopped first thing Saturday on the way home from the lake, and I read all the way home. I had 200 or so pages (out of 750-something) to go when we had to leave for Jon's party on Saturday afternoon, and I was finished by about midnight (not bad for an eight hour break). I don't want to write too much about the book, because I know that some of you who want to read it don't want it to be spoiled. So, I'll try to do this without revealing details, and if I can't, then I'll just delete the post.

My reaction to the book, or rather to finishing the book, is somewhat of disappointment. With the other three, I knew there was more to come, and perhaps the suspense made the book that much better. This time, I know there's nothing else that will happen, so I'm sort of let down. This is minor, but I also got stuck on some grammatical errors here and there throughout the book (I know, she's human, but don't professional authors have editors?? WTF?? Someone should pick up on this stuff!). Oddly, after finishing this book, my attitude toward the whole series is that it wasn't as good as I thought the first time, and that Stephanie Meyer just gets on my nerves. I am anxiously awaiting the movie's release in December, because it looks incredible from the clips and trailers that I've seen.

Okay, semi-spoiler alert: Don't keep reading if you don't want to know this, one big complaint is that, while the first three books were full of non-sex scenes that were HOT---like the passion was building between Bella and Edward, and just as you wanted more, they'd cool their jets for the sake of propriety or, "I can't, because I'll hurt you," or whatever. THIS time, however, when there is absolutely NOTHING to get in their way (meaning all the reasons they didn't do it in the first three--read into that what you will), Stephenie Meyer completely skipped even the hot parts and only described the aftermath. GRRRRRR!!!!!! I know, I know...she's Mormon, doesn't want to write trashy novels for teens, etc...but, come on! If every excuse the characters have made for not having sex are now gone, and the reader KNOWS the characters have, in fact, done it, then why jump scenes and make it even more prudish than it was?

I did like the fact that Bella comes into her own in this book---she stops being the mousy, accident prone wimp, and her self-actualization continues with the discovery that she's stronger than she thinks she is. I can't say more without revealing anything, so I'll just shut up.

I do want to do some comparisons between the Vampire Chronicles and some of Anne Rice's other works and this series, because it's starting to sound a little fishy that she'd never even read the AR works. I only mention this because I was reading the Lives of the Mayfair Witches series while I was waiting for Breaking Dawn, and there were some major coincidences that I noticed, both with details and thematic issues. As I thought about it, more things came to mind. I'm not complaining, necessarily, because Anne Rice lost her game for sure, but it really is just too odd.

Okay, so read it for yourself, and let me know what you think. I can't wait for some of you to read it so we can talk about it! Someone might have to break down and buy their own copy, because my waiting list is as follows: Edna (fast read), Leigh Ann (might take a few weeks), and then Ali (who is dying to read it, I know!). ---T


DogEar said...

You are absolutely right; Bella finally comes into her own. She shows her strength of character, esp. after her transformation and in her attitude when the Volturi arrive. She's ready for a fight. She's prepared and I'm sorry we don't really get to see her in action. I'm imagining her shield being thrown around during an intense and quick battle between immortals. Who's power is faster?!

But, what do we see from anyone else? All those vampires assemble, rather quickly with brief (and in most cases meaningless) introductions. Those with cool powers never get a chance to flex let alone rip some serious moves. The Wolves never get a chance to show those haughty vamps what their made of. It all just falls flat at the end. What was she building us for?!

And the love making scenes, or rather their absence, I agree. WTF? Edward and Bella are MARRIED! Stop panning away to the swaying white curtains. It's amusing, almost. You're absolutely right. The earlier, tension-fraught scenes are much better.

I'm glad you caught the grammar mistakes, too. This is a best-seller. Let's get on the ball, Little Brown.

The movie does look great. I can't wait to get a whole group together to see it (and force my boyfriend along!).

Tamara said...

"Dogear"---I completely agree with the falling flat statement--it was very anti-climactic, and then it was just over. Happily ever after, the end. Overall, it was good, and I'll probably re-read it when I eventually get it back from the borrowers, but I was definitely left unsatisfied. Again, thanks for dropping by and commenting!

Sarah :) said...

I think everyone built this book up to something it couldn't possibly be. We all thought it would be this instant classic, and were dissatisfied that it wasn't.
Now, I'm not saying I'm totally satisfied with it. I agree with everything said. I also would like to point out that she didn't express emotion in this one like she did the other ones. It just wasn't the same.
I did rather enjoy the book though. Nessie... ah, sweet Nessie. And Jacob! Oh, dear Jacob... I will say nothing more, for those who haven't read it. But wow. Haha. :]


Tamara said...

I agree, Sarah--and I did enjoy it, but I hoped it would at least be as good as the other three, and it fell short. Maybe more tragedy would have made me happy? That's sick, I know, but the nice little ending doesn't always work for me. I do see the potential for a Jacob/Nessie spinoff, though--or spinoffs for any of the other love pairs--Carlisle/Esme, etc. I'd love to see more character development with some of those really intriguing personalities. Thanks for dropping by, as always. :-) And I like your new picture!