Thursday, August 07, 2008


Many friends and family members who are non-bloggers have expressed to us that they wanted to leave comments but didn't know how, or didn't have time to figure it out, etc. So, at the risk of becoming a how-to blog after my grammar rant the other day, here's the step-by-step directions on how to comment. I expect all of you to comment to this post as a test!

1. At the bottom of whichever post you would like to comment on, there's a dialogue "bubble" with the number of comments that have already been made (in our case, it usually says, "0 comments." Click that link. This is also the way to read the comments that others have made, by the way.

2. The comment page will appear, with the comments that are already there showing on the left, and the place for YOU to compose your comment on the right, under "Leave your comment." It's really hard so far, right?

3. Now, because we're jerks, we make it even harder, and you have to do a word verification test to get your comment through the security process. This cuts down on spam, supposedly, although I don't think any of our three readers are spammers. Oh well.

4. Choose your identity. For some of you whom I KNOW had fake ID's before we were legal, this should be familiar. Those of you who really needed this little tutorial should choose the "Name/URL" prompt. The prompt box will change slightly, giving you a place to type your name AND the URL of your blog or website if you have one. Only douchebags choose "Anonymous," so leave that one alone. I have a sneaking suspicion that I just invited Matt to leave an anonymous comment, since he's always such a FUNNY GUY!

5. If you'd like to proofread (and I suggest you do, since I'm the Grammar Nazi), you can "Preview" your comment. If you're confident in what you've written, hit the orange button that says, "Publish your comment."

6. Voila! You're finished! Don't be shocked when it doesn't immediately appear, though, again, because we're jerks. In an effort to keep scumbags from posting profanities and garbage (because that's OUR job, not our visitors'), we get to moderate the comments, i.e., choose to publish or FLUSH your comment before it appears. Just FYI, though, I haven't flushed one yet, not even Funny Guy Matt's, so you're probably safe.
Okay, I just realized that I've been typing in a font other than what I use (if you pay attention, you'll notice that James and I post in different fonts as well as sign our posts with our initials. He doesn't post much, but we wanted to make the distinction). I want to change it before publishing, but the font button is missing from my composing screen. I'm noticing more and more glitches here on Blogger on the days go by, and I don't know if that's because I'm figuring out the lay of the land or they're actually having more glitches. You might have also noticed that the blog lists have been a little haywire in the last few days. You should be able to click on the links and go straight to the fabulous blogs that we read regularly, but instead, they've been linking to the RSS feeds, which I don't even understand much, but I know it's NOT RIGHT. Sorry for the inconvenience---I have sought help from the Blogger Gods and am waiting for it to be put right.

Okay, now the font button is back, so I can go back to Trebuchet. All is well. ---T


Stephanie said...


Tamara said...

Thanks for being in my cheering section. Maybe I should change the name of the blog or start a separate one. Who am I kidding? After school starts, I won't even time to update this one.

Sarah :) said...

Haha. Grammar is something I'm not always perfect at, but enjoy. :]

My bubble was burst (right word? idk) very young as well. When I was five, and Jonah was born. It's been interesting, watching my friends with theirs. Watching theirs develop holes, or dissappear completley.


Stephanie said...

I wish you would! There are so many people who really think that they are speaking proper English when they use the I instead of me as an object. WTF??? And I never seem to have the nerve to tell them.
So, anyway, I love being the new comment monster. But it is not as easy as I had hoped.