Friday, August 08, 2008

Do I need this first thing in the morning?

Mark Consuelos reads my blog and he just said this on national television (live, mind you) JUST to aggravate me: "It was just a bunch of guys like Art, Gelman, and I standing around..." NO, NO, NO!

Oh, and Mark Consuelos is Kelly Ripa's husband, filling in for Regis today. I knew there was a good reason I only watch this show when Rick Springfield is on.

We're headed to the lake again, if I can mangage to get packed. We always leave these things to the last minute, and it drives me nuts. Dad and Edna have a cookout planned for tonight; said cookout involves inviting one or two of my least favorite people in the world to come eat hamburgers and annoy me. Yee ha. ---T

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