Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And is October

First, an apology to our loyal readers - the blog has fallen in some disrepair. As Tam joked earlier this evening, "Life has caught up with the blog." While the Rick news made it on quickly, the other events of the past few weeks that would normally be blog-fodder have not made the Web. We'll try harder.

In the past few days, Fort Vegas has been feeling the change of the season. We've gone from leaving the kitchen door open at all hours to slamming that puppy as soon as you walk through it. The leaves are quickly changing and dropping. The garden gave us the last few gifts she had left. We don't think the peppers are worth a squat, but the tomatoes show some promise. The house is a bit chilly in the mornings. In fact, it is a bit chilly right now (9:04 p.m.), but I refuse to move from my Awful Arthur's t-shirt and gym shorts. Tam and Andrew are both bundled like mummies. As I type this, the weather widget on the Avalon Pier website tells me that both the air and water temps in Kill Devil Hills, N.C. are both currently 70 degrees. (Insert sound of my heart breaking or my head hitting the desk, whichever entertains you more.)

Tam's birthday is coming up. The Rick show was the big present, but she has been adamant about going out. Plans for the Big A to stay with Grammy and Poppy are in place. Fuzzy cellphone pics will be posted if allowed by law.



Voice of Reason said...

Will Rick be at Tamara's birthday celebration??


Tamara said...

VOR: Well...he was...the first part of my birthday celebration happened to involve having beers with Rick, so there! It's time for me to let the world know that you are insanely jealous of Rick Springfield, and therefore feel the need to poke fun and aggravate me beyond belief. Love ya, but get over yourself.