Monday, October 27, 2008

Who is coming to Harrisonburg?

Yes, that is right...Barack Obama is coming to Harrisonburg to rally support in the waning days of the campaign. Tam and I are already trying to work out logistics. Knowing that the JMU Convocation Center only seats 7,000, it means having to be in the Burg and be on line fairly early. So, do we go or do we go to the airport and try to run into him there? If you had told me that either presidential candidate would be traveling to the Valley six months ago, I would have told you to jump in a lake. This area is a Republican stronghold. I still look at this graphic and can't believe it says Harrisonburg. We got the e-mail from the campaign and it befuddled me. The Convo...where we used to have basketball season tickets, where I first saw Jimmy Buffett (April 1987), where the quietest men's room is the one next to the ticket office...OUR CONVO!?!?!?!

As for what else has been up with us, I hope to do some heavy blogging to get everyone caught up on our last trip to SML for the season and anything else that is rolling around our heads. Once again, we apologize to our loyal readers for not keeping the blog timely. We are working on it.

Really....Obama is coming HERE?

For more information, click the Obama-Biden logo on the right sidebar. Also, thanks to the O-B campaign for not hunting me for lifting the graphic - I never thought I'd see those words together!

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