Friday, November 28, 2008

Facespot Blogbook

Between the blog and the facebook, the entire world can see right into my living room window, at least metaphorically. I don't know where the need to be connected to everyone in the universe at the same time comes from, but apparently we aren't the only ones baring our souls to the planet, as evidenced by Facebook.

Facebook is a new addition for us in the last week or so, and as each day passes, I become more convinced that it's a tool of the devil. What a complete waste of time--the laundry isn't getting done, books aren't being read, and my eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen incessantly. But, thanks to Facebook, I now have friends in completely random places--old friends from high school whom I haven't spoken to in years, friends of my husband's that I dug back up for him, and even people from my workplace, because God forbid I actually have a conversation with them at school. No, I have to read about their lives online.

With a virtual connection to the whole planet, it was inevitable that skeletons would start popping out of the closet--it was just a matter of how big a skeleton and from whose closet it would come. Several days ago, James found his last girlfriend and "friended" her without mentioning it. Now, not a big deal, but I had to give him some shit for it, right? I mean, this was the girl he dumped unceremoniously and somewhat shadily after we had already starting seeing each other. I know, not cool--but I was 19, after all, and I didn't know her. He gets the Huge Shmuck Award, not me.

Anyway, so I gave him some grief about it--but only because he neglected to mention it, like I wouldn't look at his "friends" list. The sad thing is, I had to fight the urge to send a friend request to her myself, even though I have never spoken a word to this girl, and I'm sure she hates my guts. Hell, I hate her just because I think I'm supposed to! Why she's not already throwing virtual daggers at me, I don't know. Unless...oh gosh, unless she's a nice, forgiving person who doesn't hold grudges? (shudder)

Well, at the risk of bigger and uglier skeletons appearing, and of never having clean clothes again, and of being driven completely insane by the extremely slow dial-up internet connection (I know, I know), I guess I'll at least stick it out for a while longer and hope the novelty of trying to find connections to rock stars and old flames wears off. In the meantime, we've OF COURSE put a link to the blog on our facebook pages so our "friends" can really see what we're up to, because walking around naked in the living room with the lights on (STILL A METAPHOR--mostly) just isn't giving us enough exposure.


youarekiddingme said...

Oh, that Facebook. Sucking precious moments from my life, too. What rock stars are you trying to friend? Anyone by the name of Rick??? :)
By the way, will you be my "friend?"

Tamara said...

"Kidding"--I don't have delusions about friending any rock star who might be named Rick--but the whole 6 Degrees of Separation concept intrigues me. Sure, I'll be your "friend"--can't ever have too many of those, right? :-)

Manic Mom said...

Hey Tamara! Thanks for the comment on the ole blog. I've had my eyes on you over here. Just cause I don't leave a comment dosen't mean I'm not lookin'. I never started a face book profile. I was trapped on myspace for months & was rescued by 2 hot Fireman. LOL Just kidding!!! That would make a good post though, right??????

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...
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