Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Andrew created this string-art portrait of Grandma today while we were home for a "snow" day.

I have been sadly neglecting the blog recently, as all three of you have noticed. I have great intentions of updating more frequently, and even start composing things in my head, but then I get sidetracked. Facebook sucks.

I've also been working on and updating a separate "blog" for my stepmother as she begins her battle with lung cancer. As the self-appointed PR specialist, I've been keeping her adoring public apprised of her medical condition and progress on a near-daily basis at , which has occupied some time as well. While she will, of course, get mention here on the mothership, I really felt a need to create a place that was special for her, which she can eventually start maintaining herself.

We have another snow day tomorrow, even though there's really no snow. I was disappointed after hoping for at least a couple of inches (enough for Andrew to play in), but maybe we can go out tomorrow and slide around on the ice a little. I vow, with all my heart, to come back and post again tomorrow--in spite of the world stopping its rotation a couple of weeks ago, there are some nuggets of normal life to talk about. ---Tamara

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