Thursday, January 29, 2009


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Tam said...

That is too COOL!

OK YES seperated at birth because I do not eat ketchup OUT! I can not eat HOT ketchup in packets either. It tastes Rancid to me and it is all runny! Yuck! LOL LOL Too funny! I bet we have quite a few things in common to being Virginia Girls!

Tam said...

The Book...The Historian...O I have had this book for a year and I have picked it up and read a chapter and then put it down and I keep hoping that it gets better but YEAH I am having a hard time finishing the book. It had the best reviews and so many people LOVED this book here but again I am having a hard time MYSELF finishing it. It has lots of details and tons about the places they are traveling to and I want a fast paced book. My other blog is about books...Yeah I have two blogs but I do not update that one much until I finish a book. How about the OUTLANDER SERIES...have you EVER read that? I love books! It has been my passion FOREVER!