Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoy the people you love today.

And, since I got side-tracked yesterday and couldn't get my Happy Friday the 13th post up in time, you get two for the price of one today. Good thing they're both free, huh?

Who knew there was an actual PHOBIA of not just the number 13, but of Friday(s) the 13th?


Tamara said...

PS---That's the Valentine that Andrew made his grandma. (To be delivered later today)

Tam said...

I hope you had a great V -Day..It was quiet around here as MY Husband is away on business.

Tam said...

HI there My bloggy Friend.
First yeah I love Cadbury EGGS and this time of year when they are all over the place. LOL

Now on to Anne Rice...I have just finished reading the First Two in the Trilogy. I picked them up at a used book store not really KNOWING that this was CLASSIC EROTICA that I was buying. I honestly thought that it was like Robin Mckinnleys retailing of Fairy Tales...but UHM this is a bit different. I mean it is for the UNINHIBITITED READ. It is graphic in nature about submission and bondage and very strong sexual content. I knew that Anne Rice has written in several genres and I also was aware that she is NOW DOING ONLY CHRISTIAN writting. SO I am captivated actaully from reading this trilogy to see what HER CHRISTIAN writing is like. I am in intrigued to see how she goes from this erotica to her Christian writing.

Tam said...

You are funny..and yes I threw that question in to see if anyone would get it...LOL

I LOVE PEONIES TOO...THEY are a classic old flower. I had them everywhere at my home in VIRGINIA. HERE in GA they do not do well and DIE...they need that dormant cold I think.

I hope all is going great and thanks for visiting my blog. Saying prayers for your stop MOM and Andrews transition....