Sunday, March 15, 2009

Look Away, Look Away...

Yes, I have screwed up the appearance of the blog--albeit in an attempt to brighten, freshen, whatever you want to call it. Well, I got messin' with all the colors in the whatchamajigger, and here I am. Stuck with this, because I'm frustrated and don't want to go messin' again.

What I really want is a NEW layout, because while the basic one we had was just peachy for a while, I'm BORED. Kinda like painting a room in your house, which I also want to do, right after I throw away everything we own and start fresh. This house is a challenge, to say the least--it was my grandmother's, so every room is papered with thirty year-old floral print. The hardwood floors are dull and scuffed, there are cracks in the plaster just about everywhere, and the whole house tilts toward the center. Can't find something? Just look in the hallway, because if it wasn't perfectly square, it probably rolled to the middle. Anyway, we also (have I ranted about this before?) have a lot of stuff---most of it not worth anything but sentimental value, and it NEEDS TO GO. My new "layout" is hampered by the stuff--and a la Clean Sweep, it's outta here.

Spring cleaning? Something like that. So many things in my life are out of my control right now, that I feel the need to maintain order and peace where I can...knowing that those are two things I don't normally have a lot of anyway. So, here goes...we're stuck with this layout until I can find something different/better, and if you see a huge pile of junk sitting in my front yard, you'll know why. Take whatever you want. ---Tamara


Outnumbered2to1 said...

Our old house totally slants too. And nothing is square. Replacing a door becomes a whole day hassle. But it has character right?

Tam said...

MY house is a disaster and one day I may do something about it but right is just one day at a time with my sweet boys. blog designs..there are a few free ones out there. I will look up one of my friends site that does free ones. I never have done anything with my blog except the blogger stuff.