Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where, oh where, has my follower gone?

I've lost a follower. I don't know when, where, or why, but it was sometime last week. Some of the more popular blogs have enough followers I'm sure they wouldn't have noticed if one dropped off along the way, but we ONLY HAD SEVEN. So I'm bummed and feel like I've been dumped, which is stupid, because I don't even know who the follower WAS!

On top of the feelings of rejection, I'm upset because I don't like even numbers. There is no order in my life, my desk drawers, my closet, my house, my brain...so why should numbers fit into a nice little package? It bugs me that there are SIX followers, not because it's a paltry amount and I feel unwanted in the blogosphere, but because it's the number SIX.

So, here's my goal--gain at least one new follower this week to get me back up to Lucky Number 7, OR increase my followers to another suitable odd number that I can live with. Now, mind you, I don't plan to do anything exciting or drastic to increase those numbers. I'll just be here, writing if something strikes me, commenting on my followed blogs if I can add to discussion, but there will be no fireworks, no giveaways, no awards, no "bells and whistles".

If you're reading and not following, come over to the dark side and add me to your list. If you're lurking and not commenting or following, come out of the shadows and make yourself known. And if YOU'RE the person formerly known as Follower Number 7, at least write me a "Dear Jane" letter to dump me properly. I thought we meant more to each other than that.


alisha said...

how's that? better? :)

Manic Mom said...

Your too funny. I lost a few readers last week, but blogger was to blame. Somehow they were taken off & then the next day I had a full house. Anyway, who would want to leave you???? HA HA

Tamara said...

Thanks Alisha! You're awesome! I feel SO much better! Next stop--9 followers! Watch out world! :-)

Tamara said...

Manic Mom---apparently someone did. Should I just chalk it up to his or her bad taste or being abducted by aliens or something?

Sarah :) said...

Teehee. Now you have eight, which is still an even number. Drats!

Tobye said...

Okay, I'm a follower, but you have to return the favor!

Steve and Ali said...

Did you know I follow anonymously?? I don't put my name on any blog I follow. So does that bring you back up to 7

Tamara said...

Sarah--hah! Now it's 9! Come on, 11!!!

Tobye--already did it. Matter of fact, I think I beat you to it.

Ali--anonymous is NOT good enough. :-) But wait unti there are ten, then I'll pressure you into making your presence known so I can have eleven. You know how I feel about 11, right?

Tam said...

I lost a follower tooo...last week. I think it had to do with blogger changing things. LOL

Just stalked over to say HI! I finished all three of Ann Rices Smutica...LOL It is dark!