Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I am in a foul mood. Chalk it up to the letdown after vacation euphoria if you will, but I swear, things SUCK all of a sudden.

My house is getting on my frigging nerves. It has lots of character, sure, but I don't want character. I got spoiled in a beach house with Berber carpets, no clutter, fresh paint, no clutter, and no clutter. I came back, and I hate this one more than I did when I left. I'm "this close" to grabbing a sledgehammer and taking down some walls, I swear. And the CRAP we have in this house--ridiculous! I want it outta here! I'd be perfectly happy to have someone park a dumpster underneath one of our windows so I could just throwing JUNK out of the upstairs windows. I get goosebumps thinking about it!

My green bean plants were gone when we came home from our trip. Not eaten by cute little bunnies, not wilted by the heat. Just gone. As if they were never there at all. The only way I knew I wasn't crazy were the two apparently empty rows in the garden where the bean plants used to be.

We didn't win the Mega Millions last night. Is it up to 100 million yet? It was 94 million the last time I checked...I had the damn money all allocated, too.

We had another snake caught in the garden mesh. The stupid things just crawl right in there and get trapped, and they're too dumb to figure a way out. What's there to do but chop it in half? Now it's still stuck, but it's dead, and it's going to be GROSS. No way am I pulling it out. I hope he's the bastard responsible for the green beans, but somehow I doubt it.

I'm trying not to eat carbs. No carbs + crappy mood = Tamara On A Rampage. And I just couldn't help it today. I had scrambled eggs this morning with a Diet Ginger Ale. I gave up the coffee this morning because we didn't have any Splenda, and I had two tiny pieces of barbeque chicken for lunch. But then I cracked and hate several handfuls of Doritos. And I know what would cheer me up--BREAD! But we'll have tacos tonight, only mine will be taco meat on a bed of stupid lettuce. Yeah, right. If you think I'm going to make it through dinner with no taco shells, I have a lottery ticket to sell you.

And then. The Piece de principal called and laid a doozy on me about next year. And trust me, if that Mega Millions had come through, I'd seriously consider a hiatus. James' argument about moving to the Outer Banks is starting to carry some weight.

I didn't even want to write this post. I had gone cold turkey while we were on vacation, and I was so grumpy when we came home, I just wasn't feeling it. The bad news I got earlier pushed me over the edge, I guess. A girl's gotta vent or explode, right?

Okay, I'm off to start a bonfire with all my worldly possessions. It'll be huge. You'll be able to see it from space. Yet another plan's raining. So much for the bonfire. Now I'll just have to eat the marshmallows un-melted.


Tobye said...

I'm sorry! I feel your pain, but you also made me laugh. Glad to know I'm not the only one who has those days.

Diane said...

Same here...except I am living with my son & his wife & 12 yr old grandson. It is hard to live in a home that is not yours, runs different than you like...well I too would get a dumpster and junk all the clutter & then some. I love them...but it ain't the same when it is not yours. Well gotta run and buy a lotto ticket...maybe this time... I'm outta here!

youarekiddingme said...

Um, do I dare suggest to add some chocolate and graham crackers to those unmelted marshmallows? :)
Right before I leave for vacation, I clean the entire house, do every last piece of laundry, even make the beds (I NEVER make the beds - I'm a neat freak, but don't care about the beds)I do this so that when I get back from a week or two of shameless throwing things around wherever I want them and having someone else clean up the toothpaste off the sink, I don't dive into a deep depression about how liberating it was to be carefree during vacation. It's one less thing to stress about when I get back to reality.

TeeTee said...

i hope everything gets better!