Monday, August 10, 2009

"Here's To Me"

One of my favorite bloggers, TeeTee, at Through the Looking Glass, recently posted a list of things she loves about herself. She asked her readers to do the same, but I've been unable to do so. That right there should tell you how important an exercise it is, because everyone should be able to find ten things they admire in themselves. I'm constantly admiring characteristics that others have, but I tear myself down in the process--I might be wrong, but I feel that a lot of women do that (Maybe men do too. I never have any comments from men, so I'm sure I'll get no input there, but it's an interesting question.), whether they do it consciously or not. Don't tell me if you don't do that, because then I'll feel like even more of a freak.

Anyway, here's my attempt at making my list, and if you get a chance, mosey on over to TeeTee's blog and do the same.
Here's to me, the best way I know how:

I love that I'm able to pull things in under the deadline, but I hate that I procrastinate until it's urgent.

I love that I'm able to stand my ground; I hate that I'm stubborn.

I love that I speak my mind; I hate that I shoot my mouth off.

I love that I am passionate about many things; I hate that I am moody as hell.

I love to read; I hate that I sometimes can't stop reading and forget to do other things.

I love that I didn't give up when it came to having a baby. I hate that I'll never have another one.

I love my ability to draw and paint; I hate that I don't put it to good use.

I love that I cared enough about my family and my "roots" that I bought my grandmother's house; I hate that it's thrown us so deeply into debt that we'll never get out.

I love that I have a close relationship with my family; I hate that sometimes it takes over everything.

I love that I'm finally making this list; I hate that I also felt compelled to point out the flaws.


TeeTee said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for your list, I love it!

Look out tomorrow for another post about me battling my self-confidence issues. I'm so happy that I started this project-- and that I've had so many participants!

I liked this post, too... it's nice to say good things about yourself sometimes!

Tobye said...

Women always think less of themselves than they should, men always have a higher opinion of themselves than they should.

(Just my experience anyway. I never see my hubby struggling with self esteem issues :o)