Friday, September 04, 2009

Ohio-WV Trip Summer 1982?

If I did some research, I could probably figure out exactly when and where this was taken. I'm kind of rushing through this though, because I'm exhausted and have to pack for the lake, but maybe my foggy memories of this childhood trip will sound familiar to someone and they'll pipe up.

That's me in front, of course--just about to turn eleven, I THINK. That judgment is based purely on boobs (lack of them) and hair, of course...I have no other evidence. That's Edna in the back, with those AWESOME sunglasses. We were definitely supermodels.

We were on a trip to Ohio--I'm not really sure why, other than we stayed with and old friend of my dad's who lived there. I'm not sure if we went there TO see him and his family, or if we were all just DYING to see Ohio and it was convenient. While we were there, I developed a huge crush on the older son, of course--who was probably 14 or 15 and had no clue I existed. But that's another story.

Actually, there's no story here at all, because I remember the crush on Ian and buying a cat carved out of a lump of coal at a giftshop somewhere. I also remember a tourist-trappy little place (probably with said gift shop) that had this funky little funhouse thing that we walked through. A room with a slanted floor is about all I remember of that, other than the fact that it was coal country, and everything sort of revolved around that. That's a riverboat in the background, somewhere along the Ohio River, but I don't think we did anything cool like actually take a cruise.

Anyway, I know my lack of detail is stunning. Sorry, I just liked the picture! Edna reads the blog sometimes, so maybe I'll twist her arm into commenting and telling the actual story. It would be nice to know it, since I've apparently killed those brain cells somewhere along the way. Until then, if you know where we were, speak up!


Tam said...

1982 HMMM I don't remember a thing from that year myself! Great Picture! I do not think we had a camera in 1982!

Debbie said...

Don't you just love those kinds of pictures! Edna's glasses are excellent, in fact my 22 year old has a pair almost exactly like them. She calls them her "Jackie O" glasses

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh those sunglasses are the first thing I noticed! Love them!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

CORRECTION: Edna says it was 1980, just after she and Dad got married. We went to Ohio to go to Sea World, which I remembered as SOON as she said it. That makes me about to turn Amazon 9, apparently.

Tam said...

Sorry the Labor Day weekend is over but have a great four DAYS this week!