Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's Next, a Harley?

Earlier tonight, while Andrew was playing with one of those magnetized drawing toys:

Me: "Andrew, it's 8:00. Five more minutes, and we're going upstairs for stories."

Andrew: "Okay, just let me finish giving myself a tattoo."

I quickly looked, of course, having visions of Sharpie doodles all over him...only to find, thank goodness, that he was pretending to draw on himself with the pen on a string that goes with the toy. I was kind of surprised, because although my sisters and brother both have tattoos, we've never really discussed them, ever. So I took the bait.

Me: "Why do you want a tattoo?"

Andrew: "Because Chloe said I needed one."

Turns out Chloe has a one of those temporary tattoos, of Scooby Doo, no less--that was sure to impress Andrew. And while I chuckled and repeated the conversation to his daddy, it hit me that we could be having this very same conversation in about twelve years, and it probably wouldn't be funny. Wanting a tattoo is one thing, but wanting it because some little Jezebel tells him he needs one is a different thing all together. Girls, back off! The only female telling my son what to do is ME.


TeeTee said...

Your son sounds so adorable!

Debbie said...

Now that is cute. My 22 yo (who is a girl) is contemplating getting a tattoo, but I have no control over that unfortunately. In her chosen profession, freelance illustrator and cartoonist, many have tattoos. Sigh.

Tam said...

OOO Tatoo issues came UP this Summer when MY Brother From Virginia visited and yes he has a TAT! MY son wanted to know why it does NOT WASH OFF. What type of BODY paint does Uncle M have that does NOT wash OFF? Can he have body paint like UNCLE M? Can we buy it at Toys R US?

Yeah I totally get YOUR POST and LOVE IT!

Tam said...

I wrote a whole post once about my son and the future Bridezillas that will cross my path...I truly have NO hard feelings towards my MIL because I am a mother of TWO BOYS! I get her on many levels she just HATES ME still...LOL LOL