Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Six Pack

Better late than never, right?

1. I went to see New Moon on Sunday with some girlfriends. It was nice to have girl time, and I really enjoyed the movie. I liked the books a lot, well, for the most part anyway, but I had been disappointed by Twilight, after much anticipation. New Moon was MUCH better, and I'll wait impatiently for Eclipse to come out.

2. Adverntures in Home Improvement: This will really have to be its own post later on, complete with pictures (don't hold your know how those posts have gone lately). I painted my living room this week (actually Wednesday--again, nothing like waiting until the very last second, because we were hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday). The walls were covered with 1970's era gold floral wallpaper (blecch) and had quite a few holes where my grandmother had hung pictures and whatnot with the largest nails and screws she could lay her hands on. There was also an actual HOLE in the wall where the plaster had fallen that spot, you could see the woodent slats inside the wall. Anyway, I picked out a lovely shade of dark beige with a gold tinge to it, and after quite a bit of patching and preparation, it looks great--like a whole new room. I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner, but oh well. The year-long bathroom project is also nearing completion. Dad started it last December for my Christmas present, but it got sidetracked during Edna's illness. It will be nice to have it finished, although I haven't been in any hurry.

3. I was nonplussed with Thanksgiving. We hosted for Dad's side of the family, but he was beside himself with grief. The rest of us tried to make the best of the day, and then James, Andrew, my brother, and I went for dinner #2 at Mom's house in the evening. It's brutal to eat twice.

4. On Thanksgiving Day, while James, my dad, and Anna all slept off the tryptophan in the living room, I also put Andrew down for a nap on the couch while Leigh Ann and I cleaned up the kitchen. I thought everyone was asleep, but when I peeked in, Andrew was buck naked on the couch while everyone around him slept. Trying not to burst into laughter, I snuck out of the living room. Andrew claimed that his clothes "fell off" and that the "magic hands" took them off. In a disturbing trend, every nap or nighttime sleep he has had since then has involved his clothes "falling off." I'm trying not to make a big deal about it, especially since I think I know what he's doing when his clothes fall off, but I've been emphasizing the fact that his clothes can only "fall off" when he's in his bedroom, and definitely NOT at naptime at preschool. That's a conversation I don't want to have with his teacher.

5. I'm sick again. This time, with a head cold/sinus thing. Lots of coughing and snot. I hate winter.

6. I am in love with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs AND with Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler, also the voice of Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks)on Criminal Minds. Can you tell I watched marathons of both shows today?


Steve and Ali said...

No way, my boy Spencer is the voice of Alvin?? You learn something new every day.

Tamara said...

Wait, Ali--I lied...Spencer (and he's MY boy, not yours) is the voice of Simon, not Alvin. That's what I get for typing late at night when I'm sick.

Tam said...

I laughed so hard about the clothes falling off.