Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cabin Fever

There are MANY things I could be doing today while I am a prisoner in my own house.  Here are a few of them:

1.  Cleaning.   
2.  Baking Christmas goodies. 
3.  Reading.
4.  Napping.
5.  Watching t.v. that's inappropriate for children while Andrew       naps.
6.  Showering.
7.  Painting or working on a room.
8.  Doing my nails. 
9.  Writing Christmas cards that will be Happy New Year cards.
10.  Making a list of shopping that I still have to do (all of it!).

Guess what?  I'm not doing ANY of them.  I DID redecorate the blog, though, and check facebook, and sign up for gmail.  That's SORT OF productive, right?


Tobye said...

Love the redecorating, though!

Tam said...

Great job on the blog! LOVE IT! Sorry you guys are still having some craptastic weather....but I bet the snow has been beautiful!