Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

Better late than never, right?  I am waaaaay too tired and have a huge headache, but I didn't really think a Six-Pack would be appropriate on Sunday morning, so here we are.

1.  I finally got my hair cut.  I'm never TRULY happy with my hair, but it's much, much better.  And my haircut was free--in a fit of "this is never gonna get done any other way" rage, I came home and cut it in a fury between school and Monday night's basketball game. 

2.  Tonight was the last home game for JMU Men's Basketball.  We had season tickets again this year after a two-year hiatus.  I've really enjoyed going to the games, but I'm kind of glad the season is over.  Weeknight games were hard on all of us, but I hated to miss games since we invested the money the block of seats.  Andrew is going to miss Duke Dog, but we'll look forward to next year.

3.  I'm supposed to be out right now, but between a snafu in child care, a splitting headache that I woke up with, and a transportation conundrum, I ended up at home.  I was supposed to be out celebrating my sister's birthday (which is not for another week) with her and her friends.  So, she's mad at me, I'm sure, but with the vise grip on my head, I'm glad I'm home.  I'll be glad in the morning, too, when I'm in my own bed and not hungover, and when I can function and get my usual Sunday STUFF accomplished.  And she'll get over it, someday.

4. I need new pillows and new black flats.  My pillows are ridiculously gnarled, which has resulted in my neck being ridiculously gnarled. No matter which way I turn it, it hurts on the left side.  I hope pillows fix it.  As for the shoes--well, eventually my shoes just need to be taken out back and shot.  They smell like they're already dead, and it's time to bid them farewell.  I just hope I can find some I like that are CHEAP.

5.  Our dryer is broken, and has been for about two weeks.  It will be sometime next week before the part arrives.  It wasn't so bad at first, because I just hung everything up to dry on drying racks in the spare room.  But the sheets, towels, and underwear have been my undoing.  I can only dry two loads of laundry at a time by hanging them up, and it takes all day and all night, so of course the priority things get run through.  Sheets and towels just take up too much room--room that I need for CLOTHES, so there's a mountain of those to do.  As for the underwear and socks--they take forever to hang up one by one, so a whole load is a pain in the ass.  I've been trying to sneak a few pairs into other loads to lessen the annoyance, but the inevitable has happened.  I broke down and washed a whole load of undies this morning, but when we dressed for the game, they were still VERY wet.  I searched everywhere for a single pair, but no luck...there's no shame in wearing the hubby's underwear, as long as he's not wearing yours. They're actually very comfortable.  I am NOT ashamed. 

6.  Hubby and I are back on the carb wagon on Monday.  I'm going to sit down tomorrow and plan a menu, clean out the fridge, and send James to the grocery store with a clear list of appropriate things.  Goodbye bread!  It was nice knowing you!  If you have any good carb-less recipes, I'd love to hear them.  It's easier to do this if I can fight the boredom with some really delicious dishes. 


TeeTee said...

have you tried payless for shoes? i love their shoes... and most are very cute!

i hope you feel better!

alisha said...

Seriously, I've been trying to find a pair of black flats that I like for almost a year now. The pair I have are so insanely old and worn out. I have decided that I am going to wear them when I go to Anchorage in a few days, then throw them out when I get there, which will FORCE me to find a pair that I like and buy them. Every time I see a pair that I like with a price I can tolerate, they never have my size. It's really been quite ridiculous.

I totally hear ya on the neck thing too. I woke up a few weeks ago with the left side of my neck stiff and in pain. I tried pain killers and muscle relaxers and neither helped, making me think it was maybe a pinched nerve or something. I've been doing some stretches and it got better after a few days, but there is just a bit of residual pain and stiffness hanging on...not sure why.

You should try the zucchini recipe I put on my blog a couple weeks ago and the recipe that I am going to post tomorrow for my "Recipe of the month". Both are low/no carbs...or only complex refined carbs. And both are very low calorie. I've started using resistance bands in my routine again and I've lost five pounds this week!

well, enough for now...I'm really looking forward to some of those "deep" thoughtful posts that you promised. :)

Tamara said...

TeeTee--I'm headed to Payless today! I always have pretty good luck there, too. Maybe there will be a BOGO sale! Love those!

Alisha--I made note of that zucchini recipe; we've had something similar, but with shrimp and scallops in it. Yum! I'll work on the deep posts this week. :-)