Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Six-Pack

This is as close to a six-pack of anything as I'm getting today.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good beer (or several), but I am finding it impossible to drink at home for some reason.  So, here's today's six-pack--freshly-planted sunflowers in a Big Bird "greenhouse" from Lowe's.  Refreshing!

1.   I'm not proud of it (well, maybe I am, just a little), but I yelled "Tread on THIS!" out the window at a woman waving a Tea Party flag and poster in our direction from the median of the road today.  I couldn't help it.  I was driving my stepfather's Ford F250 with a 12-foot pressure-treated 2x4 hanging off the bed, and I was stressed out and in the middle of a spat with the hubby over his inability to pick out nails by himself.  She deserved it, though, and it felt GOOD. 

2.  Andrew was supposed to help me plant those sunflowers, but this is about as far as he got.  Then he abandoned me to go rake the grass clippings with his brand new rake.
3.  I am in the mood for summer.  Last weekend at the lake, it was in the upper 80's and gorgeous--completely out of character for the first week in April.  I should know, because on our wedding day 18 years ago this week, we woke up to snow on the ground.  We celebrated our anniversary by sunbathing on the state park beach and watching Andrew play in the water, even though it was way too cold for him to be in it.  So, come on June 8th--school needs to be OUT!

4.  The hubby and I built a swing for Andrew today, with the assistance of our "helpful" neighbor.  Only I could be offended by a gesture as friendly as someone helping with manual labor, but I was!  It was one of those things I just WANTED us to do by ourselves.  Too often, our desired projects are out of the realm of our ability, and we have to call on relatives who KNOW how to do stuff.  This time, I was SURE we could do it alone (and we could have), but Nosey McNoserson had to come offer his lag bolts and washers.  What the hell IS a lag bolt?  Anyway, it's a swing, and Andrew loves it, even if he IS the maximum weight it will support. 

5.  This one, I'm copying from my facebook status from Thursday, because it bears repeating.  "Parents of the world, before you "jump all over" a teacher, please consider for one minute that your child MIGHT, just MIGHT be at fault. I'll do all I can to help whatever the situation is, but, for Pete's sake, be NICE about it."
It is always the mothers who insist on calling me and YELLING at me because Little Suzy is "so upset" about the D she got on her progress report, and who just KNOW that Little Suzy did her vocabulary assignment because she SAW her doing it.  Like they're waiting for me to confess and say, "You're right, Mrs. Suzy's Mom, I deliberately and willfully threw YOUR daughter's papers in the trash can just because I COULD.  I clearly have nothing better to do with my time than see how I can screw your life up, and, was just for shits and giggles!"  The reality is, Little Suzy did NOT turn the papers in or she would have gotten it graded and returned.  The reality is,  your kid is LYING to you because they ALL DO when they're trying to save their asses.  The reality is, I'd love to yell right back at you and tell you exactly how screwed up you're making your kid.  Okay, oops---didn't mean to rant at you guys, but hey, that's why this blog is here, and if I'd told her what I WANTED to tell her, I'd be out of a job. 
6.  I want a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  It just might be too late, dammit.


Tam said...

We love love planting Sunflowers!

Hope your Easter was good! I was so glad it was a Beautiful Easter Day in Virginia!

alisha said...

Beautiful day here too...sunny, 34 degrees ABOVE zero. We just had a blizzard yesterday, complete with horizontal snow and everything. That's the reality of my spring.


We're going out for a snowmachine ride today and it should be great.

Tobye said...

Your Tea Party story made me laugh out loud (literally!) Thanks!

Tam said...

HI just blog stalking and wanted to say HELLO and hope all is well in VA!

A Teenager said...

Just an old friend stopping by to say hi.
Send me a line and I'll let you know more. :)