Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Thoughts of No Importance

My brain is mush.  It is becoming lazy as I slip into my weird summer routine.  I am oddly detached from the outside world, with the exception of Facebook, and that's...not reality.  News escapes me until days later, the only entertainment I really have is children's programming, and I just...have nothing to write about.  It is time, however, for a blog post, and for that reason, here are a bunch of random thoughts about...well, I don't know what they'll be about, because I haven't thought of them yet. 

WTF is Mel Gibson's problem?  He must be a flipping lunatic.  His earlier tirades were bad enough, but add to that his latest ranting, and....WHOA. 

Our grass is finally growing again.  I wished for three days of rain, and I've gotten it.  Our brown crispiness might actually look like a yard again soon. 

I just realized that I go back to school in one month.  It's going to be too short.  A month during the school year creeps by at a snail's pace, but July is like a fart in the wind.  Poetic, I know. 

Andrew mixes up b, d, and p.  It's normal, but it frustrates me.  His handwriting is atrocious.  I'm trying to whip him into shape before school starts. 

We saw Toy Story 3 on Friday night at Westlake Cinema.  It's a brand-new theater, but I don't mind saying that it's BS that we had to pay full price to see a 3D movie in 2D because they don't have the capabilities.  Grrrr.  The movie was great, the popcorn not-so-hot.  Andrew was shaking in fear at one point in the movie, and I was glad he was sitting in my lap.  I couldn't comfort him, though, because I didn't know how the movie ended.  Like an idiot, I was sobbing by the end, especially when Andrew put his hand up on my cheek to wipe my tears. 

I am overwhelmed lately by the realization that we could comfortably and easily live only in the downstairs of our house.  That fact is reinforced tenfold every time we go to the lake and spend time in our little camper/house.  I come home and get lost in this ridiculously big house, and I fantasize about turning the upstairs into another apartment.  We'd still have a ton of room downstairs in the 6 rooms and 2 baths, and it would leave a nice-sized apartment of four rooms and a bath upstairs.  I wanna do it.

There's a part of me that hates summer vacation.  For whatever reason, during the week I don't leave the house.  James goes to work and leaves us here to piddle around with no structure or routine.  I accomplish nothing and get stir-crazy, but I have no desire to leave, either.  I'm a weirdo. 

I can lose ninety pounds by December 31 if I can lose 3.68 pounds a week, according to some lame diet calculator I found online.  Hah.  I'll be lucky to lose 3.68 pounds by December 31. 

My dad told me via text message tonight that he had disconnected his landline.  It made me oddly sad.  It's one more piece of Edna that's gone, I guess...now the "Dad and Edna" contact in my phone is dead too.  Uggh, that's morbid, sorry.  I had the same reaction when her cell phone was turned off, only that was worse because I had been calling it to hear her voice mail message.  I miss her a lot, every day.

I was terribly amused by something Andrew did tonight.  It was raining, and we went outside to the porch to sit.  I messed around with repotting some pathetic sunflowers we've been trying to grow, and Andrew put Lion on the porch swing with a water gun in his lap, and headed back inside for more gadgets.  He carried on both sides of this conversation with Lion:
Andrew, as Andrew:  "Lion, you're in charge of the plane!"  (In a commanding voice)
Andrew, as Lion:  "Why?"
Andrew, as Andrew again:  (turning back to lion on the porch swing and doing his BEST imitation of me, raised eyebrows and "I mean it" face and all) "Because I ASKED you to."  (And he stormed off to get his telescope.)

I want a new phone, desperately. I'm rocking a Samsung flip phone that has seen better days...hell, no it hasn't...it was a free phone with a contract extension, it's always been a piece of crap. It works great, but I want a Blackberry, or a Droid, or something else that's COOL instead of DORKY. If the data plans weren't such highway robbery, I could almost talk James into it. Oh yeah, and if I agreed to ditch the high-speed internet at home. Not a chance in hell!

I have the hots for a vampire.  Again, LOL.  Eric Northman, you are invited into my home any day you want to swoop your ridiculously tall, non-breathing self into this little podunk town. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday.  Thursday, we'll leave for the lake again, where we will hopefully be joined by friends for at least part of the weekend.  I'm craving a night out and some time away from Andrew (not that I don't LOVE being home with him, but we all need breaks, right?), but I am not sure Dad will be convinced to watch the little guy. 

Okay, I have sufficiently rambled, and it's 11:17.  I'm fighting the urge for a snack, I have nothing to read because I tore through The Help in one day, and there's probably nothing on television.  Facebook, here I come.  Sigh.


Tobye said...

What did you think of The Help?

(And, I enjoyed your rambling post. It made me cry about turning off the phone. I'm going through something with my father now and realizing that everyone is mortal. It sucks).

Tam said...

I had all kinds of witty comments and was enjoying your post and then YOU LOST ME TO THE E WORD! ERIC ERIC...HOW I lost all witty comments. HE is my all time fantasy Vampire. That little Edward everyone is in love with is nothing compared to ERIC! I have loved Eric for quite sometime and I feel like you freed me to say it. YES I agree Eric would be invited in my door anytime!

Tam said...
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youarekiddingme said...

Happy to know someone else shares my old phone hell - and a Samsung flip one, too! I so want a cool phone!