Thursday, August 19, 2010

They Grow Up Too Fast

Andrew started kindergarten on Tuesday, and after much boo-hooing and senseless worrying on my part, the week has gone very well.   Am I mourning the loss of summer days and sleeping in?  You bet your bippy! But I am relieved, my fears have been allayed, my nerves have settled, and the dread is a distant memory.  

After I spent the night before sobbing hysterically (the nervous mom routine turned into a very rough spell over how much Edna would have enjoyed seeing him start school and learn to read, and how I missed her telling me good luck on the first day, and I was a complete wreck from then on out), Andrew and I both up to a great start--on time, dressed without hassle, smiles on our faces (lots of make up to cover up the puffy post-crying eyes), and with a warm to-go breakfast courtesy of the hubby.   (And yes, my hair starts out this big in the morning--I still love my aerosol hair spray, and nothin's ever gonna change that!  It settles down pretty quickly, though.)
Andrew posed with his buddy Rebecca and two other teachers' kids outside my classroom before the bus came.  (They are ALL looking in different directions because there were four of us involved in this spectacle.)  Andrew and Rebecca were in the same preschool class, and they are in the same kindergarten class as well--very reassuring!  They did a lot of hand-holding the first day, from what I hear.

We are fortunate enough that the elementary school is on the hill overlooking ours, with the high school across the road...all part of an "eduplex."  The bus driver makes her drops at both of the other schools, then comes to us...and makes a special trip back up the hill with the teachers' kids as her only passengers.  It's the best of both worlds--he gets to ride the bus, which he was very anxious to do, but he's only on there for two minutes for the football-field distance trip.  And, there are no obnoxious middle and high school kids on there to corrupt my little darlin'.  Andrew was still all smiles as he chatted with my assistant principal before boarding the bus.
He hopped on the bus with no problems--no clinging, no whining, just enthusiasm that I hope continues.  If he was scared or nervous, which he said he was before leaving the house, he never showed it.  It is at this exact moment that I started bawling again--for no good reason, mind you.  I was careful not to let him see me cry, but unfortunately, the other moms, who were just barely holding it together, were pushed over the edge by my stupidity.

Much to my embarrassment and chagrin, I continued to cry as the bus left the parking lot and pulled away.  So much for the nerves of steel and hard ass reputation.  I choked up again in the afternoon as I met him getting off the bus.  He was so excited, he ditched the sidewalk and ran straight for me.  I was very excited to see him, too, so I could hear all about his day.  "Fine," is the response I got!

The week has continued to go well, although we're both exhausted when we come home.  Andrew enjoys coming back to my school in the afternoon, and although it cramps my "get sh*t done" after-school routine a little, we're settling into it.  He's content to play games on the computer, as long as he has a snack and a drink. 
Now I can start counting the days until school is out...177.


TeeTee said...

i love how eager andrew seems to get to school!

You Are Kidding Me! said...

Oh, that will be us next week! Back to work for me, Kindergarten for Monkey Man! Can't wait for the first few days to be over to get rid of this anxiety and nervousness for him!