Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This may be a sign that Andrew is growing up, OR that we watch entirely too much iCarly.  (Sam's funny, but she's not such a great role model!)  As we get more and more details about school from Andrew, he updates us on prior situations--such as the one with one of the PE teachers, who told Andrew on Day 2 that "Lion is NEVER allowed back in the gym AGAIN!"  It apparently made enough of an impression on Andrew that he said the teacher was only "kind of nice" while the other PE teacher was "really nice."  "Kind of nice" is Andrew Speak for "I don't like that guy."

Monday night on the way to dinner, we were discussing the day's events, and it turned out that he had PE again that day.  He relayed the details, and I said, "See, he's nicer than you thought he was!" 

Andrew quickly replied, "Yeah, but he's still kind of a fudgebag." 


Tobye said...

Fudgebag! Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

So what would "fudgebag" be in "grown up" speak?