Thursday, September 02, 2010

It Has To Be a Teacher's Kid! much as it pains me to admit it to the world, Andrew has been sent to the principal's office at all of eleven days into the school year.  Yep, I am so proud.  Now, as mortified as I was to hear that news when his teacher emailed me yesterday, it turns out that it wasn't that bad.  I guess.

Apparently this little cretin in Andrew's class who can't keep his hands, feet, and elbows to himself had the audacity to punch Andrew in his backpack while the kids were all waiting in the cafeteria to be dismissed to their classes.  Andrew grabbed the kid's arm in a "you better knock that sh*t off" kind of gesture.  The "bad kid," as I like to call him, then scratched Andrew right down the middle of his face.  Well, Mrs. Teacher On Duty asked what the problem was, and the devil's spawn told her that Andrew BIT him!  So, Mrs. I-Didn't-See-What-Happened sent Andrew promptly to the office.  Hmmph!

The principal spoke with Andrew for a few minutes, told him to apologize, and then walked him back to class.  Clearly not a huge deal...yet.  Andrew's teacher spoke with the boys and realized that Andrew was telling the truth about what happened AND that he had been provoked, because lemme tell ya...while Andrew feels free to act like a nitwit at home sometimes, at school, he is a little goodie-goodie (I have no idea where he gets THAT.)  So, no big deal as far as school goes, other than a reminder about handling things appropriately, in a "hands to yourself" kind of way.

All that being said, he DID go to the principal's office, and he DID have his hands on someone else, so he got some consequences from us.  He lost computer time for the day, had to have a BIG, LONG, BORING talk with me about appropriate ways to handle things, AND I made him write an apology letter to his teacher and the principal.  What I wanted to say, and couldn't, of course, was knock the little turd on his ass next time he puts his hands on him--but of course, that's NOT the right way to handle things.  It's a fine line kids have to walk between standing up for themselves against bullies in a way that gets through to them and handling things "appropriately,"  and for parents who want their kids to be strong--not just physically, but emotionally as well--enough to speak up and make more aggressive kids listen.

So, I'll be PC, and I'll talk the "teacher talk" about not hitting back, and I'll support the teacher and the principal in their efforts to keep the kindergarten peaceful and violence-free.  I'll hope that there aren't any more of incidents of this child, or any other, putting Andrew in a no-win situation, because I'm walking a fine line of my own--how involved do I get at this point, and from which approach?  And how soon do I take some time off to volunteer in Andrew's classroom and witness first-hand the antics of Class Bully?  Stay tuned.

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I bet James was picked on in school as well!!!