Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Poor Neglected Blog (a.k.a., Randomness)

I did not mean to take a month's hiatus, honestly.  I kept coming back after the last Edna post and looking around, thinking about posting, but realizing I had nothing to write about.  Then I said to myself, "Self, why not just make it an even month?"  Then I procrastinated for a couple more days, and now I'm back.  Hopefully.

So, there hasn't been a lot happening lately...well, nothing that was worthy of writing.  Family undercurrents of drama swirling around, threatening to blow, work hassles, daily grindstone kind of stuff...nothing too eventful or interesting.  We've been here at home for what seems like an eternity---the first few weeks we stayed home from the lake were very refreshing, but then we settled back into a routine of not getting much accomplished on the weekend.  Now, I'm just missing the lake, and warm weather. 

Andrew has been learning a lot at school, and he loves it.  Of note this week is the idea of symmetry, which he displayed the other night in a restaurant by saying, "Mommy, you know what would happen if you cut this wall in half?  Symmetry!"  Also of note is the fact that he knows who Squanto and Powhatan were (while his daddy says, "Who's Squanto?").  We'll be on a mission later today to find some cheap and easy materials to make a Native American costume for the kids' Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday.  Unless Andrew decides to be a Pilgrim after all, which happens every ten minutes or so. 

Andrew is headed to my mom's tonight for a sleepover.  It orginally was planned as a babysitting event, as the hubby and I were headed out to see the 80's cover band I enjoy seeing.  But, I woke up snotty and coughing for the sixth or seventh time since September, and James just realized the transmission is acting up in the good car, so I don't know how much "out" there will be.  Andrew will still get his night out with Grammy, but I might be in bed by seven if things don't turn around quickly. 

As we head into Thanksgiving week ("Hell yeah!" for the 2-day school week!!!), we're facing some changed traditions.  Last year we tried to do everything the same for Thanksgiving--even down to fixing dishes that Edna traditionally prepared.  But, it was too soon after her death, and it was an empty holiday.  I didn't want to do that again this year, and so we decided to go to the lake after dinner at my mom's.  We'll have a dinner there, but not on Thursday, and there might not be turkey or the usual suspects being served.  Hopefully the weather will be pleasant and warmish, and we'll get to have a boat ride or two before the weekend is over.  Then we plan to close down and winterize the lake place for its long winter sleep.

For now, though, it's back to the Saturday routine of laundry and trying to keep some semblance of order in our cluttered existence.  And tissues, lots and lots of tissues. 


Debbie said...

Good golly it has been quiet around here without you!

Sarah :) said...

Hello darling. :)
I have returned for your reading pleasure (haha, as if) and have dearly missed you and your family.
I am looking forward to keeping up with your ramblings once again, and hope that you are looking forward to mine. :)