Thursday, January 06, 2011

Call off the APB!

I am here.  Really.  And my intentions are great.  I have blog posts running around in my head, I take lots of pictures of every dumb little thing that we do, and yet I can NOT manage to get them posted.  Uggh.  I am so frustrated by it!

Part of the problem...or the solution, depending on how you look at that my organizational brain cells have kicked into overdrive.  It's like NESTING, times five.  And no, there is no "news" to share, so there's not even any reason for nesting.  As I write this, from the relative quiet of my classroom during the kids' silent reading time, there is a fifteen foot utility trailer sitting behind our house.  Said trailer is full of STUFF that we have hauled out of our ridiculously clutter-filled abode.  Three chairs.  A sixty year-old mattress and bed frame.  Boxes and bags of garbage (there's another post on that one to follow soon.  Pinky swear.)  And still there is an entire room of my house (the dining room) devoted to storing stuff to go to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  (Organizational Tip #1:  If you're going to donate something, box it up and put it in the car and TAKE IT immediately--don't let it turn into another problem to be handled at a later date.  I'm still learning this lesson.) 

I have cleaned out a storage room, rearranged furniture, cleaned out cabinets, made lists (both mental and actual), made a menu for the entire month of January, purged,  expunged, and tossed.  And it's been exhausting.  Not to mention time-consuming.  And I'm not finished!  There are many, many things left to do, and all in a certain order.  Project A has to happen before Project B can start.  For example, I couldn't put away holiday decorations until the death trap storage room was cleaned out.  I couldn't move the treadmill to the rec room (nor the brand-new Wii that Santa brought) until one of the couches was moved to the office.  I couldn't move the couch to the office until the office was purged and rearranged.  And so on. 

It's a never-ending cycle, but I'm enjoying the results.  The motivation and inspiration would take me another whole blog post to explain, but suffice it to say that I'm not posting because of WORTHWHILE reasons and causes, not just that I'm sitting on my fat butt doing nothing.  And because I've made mental resolutions (not in print, where I have to prove they're happening, mind you) and am sticking to most of them and getting into a routine of being an Energizer bunny who never sits down, I'll add posting (and commenting on my favorite blogs) to my list of things that I squeeze into my schedule.  Because I miss it, I really do.   

And by the way, happy New Year! 


Debbie said...

You go girl! Doesn't it feel great when it is all done though.

Manic Mom said...

Hey, What's wrong with just sitting on your fat butt?!?! HAHAHAHA JK :-)

You Are Kidding Me! said...

I hear ya! I've been a bad blogger and blog reader. It's on my Resolution List, too! And I love that you were writing your post while your class had reading time. Now that is efficiency!