Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Thirty Day Photo Challenge: Day 10

Day 10:  Post a photo of the person you do the most &*#@ed up stuff with.  I'm abstaining from posting a photo for this one.  I'll cut myself some slack on "failing" the challenge, but only because I'm still posting, and explaining. 

Reason #1:   Because "the most &*#@ed up stuff" is too ambiguous to nail down.  What exactly does that mean?  Effed up crazy?  Wild?  Dangerous?  Mean?  I don't get it.  (And I don't want to, really.)

Reason #2:  I don't do "effed up" things.  (Sorry about the scandalous language, but I got sick of typing all those symbols and remembering which order they went in.)  Maybe once upon a time, in the stupidity (understatement alert) of my youth, I could have answered this.  Back in "tha day," (zillions of years ago) that could have meant anything from picking up and making out with strange boys at frat parties, waiting behind shady nightclubs to meet washed-up rockers, to smokin' and drinkin' like there was tomorrow.  (Amazingly, there was.)  Young ain't all it's cracked up to be.  I'm way too old and anxiety-ridden to even think about anything dangerous or risky at this point.  Safety (and chickensh*t) is my new middle name.  (And Andrew, if you ever read this when you're old enough to understand, I made it ALL up for the sake of entertaining writing.) 

Reason #3:  There are people I still do crazy things with, but it's all relative and situational.  My sister and I, every now and then, take tipsy golf cart rides around the campground at the lake.  We even (gasp) turn around in the road sometimes just for the hell of it.  Andrew and I get wild and crazy and sing Big Time Rush songs together (we even dance sometimes!).  James and I still occasionally spend money we don't have taking road trips and paying for hotel rooms (usually to see Rick Springfield), but even that has gone by the wayside with the advent of the lake house.  My definition of "wild & crazy" has definitely changed, from something that could get me killed to something like, "I took a different route on the way to the grocery store," or "I listened to rap music with explicit lyrics."  You know, &*#@ed up stuff like that.

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