Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thirty Day Photo Challenge: Day 12

Day 12:  Post a photo of something you love. 
Uggh, I should definitely apologize for the photo quality in these pictures.  I'm in a hurry because Swamp People is coming on in...yikes, now 7 minutes, and I need a Cajun accent fix to go with the dessert that I shouldn't be eating.  So anyway...
here's something I love,
and have too many of,
that I can't bear to part with,
that I treasure quite a bit;
that I should really dust more,
or resell in a thrift store,
with the torn pages,
and from different reading stages,
some with pictures,
some with scriptures,
some without covers,
some about lovers,
from classic literature,
to some with smut, I'm sure,
kids' books, true books,
vampire books, new books,
easy books, hard books,
many books, our books.
From Dr. Seuss and Spider Man,
to Anne Rice and Amy Tan.
All these books, I couldn't do without.
Now to watch Swamp People--I'm out!

   Just some of Andrew's books.
Some of the vast collection of the hubby's sports books.

A small sampling of my collection.  Taken by flashlight, courtesy of the broken hall light.

PS---this every day posting is kicking my tail! 

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Manic Mom said...

I love, love, love books. All kinds of books too, they make me happy. Even if someone gave me one of those kindels or another device like that I would rather hold a book in my hand. I know you would save trees the other way, but everything is so high tech, can't we just keep our books?? :-)