Monday, April 11, 2011


There have been a whole slew of things lately that made me say, "What the hell?" (or something like it, wink wink), and for the peace and general sanctity of my life right now, I'll just vent them here.

I just saw a Facebook comment from a friend of my cousin.  She was bragging about the appetite her son had this morning, and recounted his breakfast of a smoothie, three egg whites, and two bowls of cereal.  She was surprised he was still hungry!  First of all, with that many carbs--no wonder he was hungry!  And second, he's a preschooler--why the hell isn't he eating the yolk of the egg?  That's where the protein/brain food is!  He shouldn't be watching his cholesterol...?

Speaking of Facebook--people really need to resist the urge to STOP posting every little lover's spat and "baby mama drama" they have in their personal lives.  I'm all for staying in touch with people, but if you've been back and forth between "single" and "in a relationship" more than once in the last two weeks, there's a PROBLEM.  I do not understand the need for that kind of constant attention and reaffirmation in my life.  And for what it's worth, people with one screw loose who thrive on that kind of dysfunction attract OTHERS who wallow in it too, and...well, I clearly need to start deleting "friends."

Adults acting like teenagers...there's my big one right now.  When did it become okay for GROWNUPS to dress like, speak like, drive like, live in pigstys like, be irresponsible like, mooch off parents like, not accept responsibility for their actions like...CHILDREN?  Man up, grow up, get your crap together, and by all means, teach your kids what you apparently failed to learn.  We are becoming a society of self-indulgent idiots who hide behind the neo-hippie defense of "You don't approve of my lifestyle!" when the only visible lifestyle is lazy, worthless, lack of respect for anyone including themselves.  Be a free spirit, be whatever you want to be, just don't make others pay the price for your inability to function in society.  I'm done with deadbeats!

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Manic Mom said...

AMEN SISTER!! Unless you are talking about me, then I would disagree.......HAHAHAHAHA