Monday, April 11, 2011

Thirty Day Photo Challenge: Day 16

Day 16:  Post a photo of someone who inspires you.

My mom inspires me.  She's a strong, strong woman, although I don't think she always thought she was.  She grew up without much in the way of material goods--she was raised on a small farm with a whole bunch of brothers and sisters to hard-working parents.  She was one of the few of her siblings to move away, go to college, and become a professional.  She married my dad (We all know that didn't work out so well, but I was one of the results of that unholy union, so I guess it was okay.) and then rebounded (slowly) after the marriage broke up.  She worked her ass off while I was growing up, and all the while dealing with hassles with my dad over custody and child support.  She did all she could to give my brother and me the things we needed and wanted, and at the same time, tried to find a new life of her own.  There were lots of ups and downs--quite a few downs, it seemed at the time, some of them so dramatic they could be Lifetime movies , and that even today, amaze me when I think we lived through them.  (I don't think I'll ever write about those times, unless it's under a pseudonym.  Time will tell.)  But we did, and the fact that I wasn't scarred for life (I guess I would know if I were, right?) is only due to the fact that my mom was there for me. She even survived one of the bitchiest teenagers I've ever met--man, that daughter of hers was something else!  (Wink, wink!) 

On top of all that, this woman has taught elementary school for forty-something years and hasn't skipped a beat.  She's energetic, she's dedicated, she's great at what she does, and she never stops going.  Where she gets her energy, I don't know.  She is constantly on the go, taking care of other people, and not expecting anything in return.  She has done very well for herself in this srage of her life, but while others might be tempted to sit back and enjoy, Mom keeps going.   Andrew loves her like crazy, and her dedication and attention to him is amazing.  She is what I aspire to be in my "middle age."  I've learned so much from her about how to be a great mother, an excellent teacher, and a strong, determined woman. 

Sadly, her one flaw is that she doesn't read my blog, so I might have to point her in this direction for an early Mothers' Day present.  (Maybe that will get me out of buying something.)

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