Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Whatevers

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I finally have a (insert heraldry and fanfare here) phone, courtesy of my lovely hubby, who generously bought me one for Mothers' Day.  Granted, we had coupons and rebates, enough that my $129 phone ended up costing $19.99 and his upgraded phone was free (yes, he got a new phone for Mothers' Day too, although his is still "dumb.")  It's been a real adjustment process--the touch screen still takes some getting used to, especially for typing (I was a texting WHIZ on my old P.O.S. flip phone, but this one slows me down considerably, and I make lots of random, irritating typos), and I very rarely use the home computer anymore, because with my (insert more heraldry and fanfare)...unlimited data plan, all of my tweeting and facebooking and whatnot is all phone-based.  I'm NOT about to try to type a blog post with it, though.  I shudder at the thought.  One of the perks, though, is my ability to send my SUPER-IMPROVED cell phone photos straight to my Picasa album, or Facebook, or wherever my heart desires, whereas I used to have to email myself with the pictures (tedious), log into gmail and download them, THEN upload them to Blogger...only to be blessed with the worst pictures on the planet.  No more!

So, here's my proof, just because I can.  Let the randomness begin.

Leftovers are a huge waste in my house.  I shouldn't even bother.  Here's what ends up spoils, I have to throw it all away, and usually the containers with it, because they're too gross to open. 
 What kind of mother burns frozen fish sticks?  This one! So much for dinner--but at least I didn't mess up the Spongebob macaroni and cheese.  Not a nutritionally stellar night for us, obviously.
 Watching the Grass Grow is an appropriate title.  Between the massive amounts of rain in the last few weeks, a broken lawn mower, and being gone on the weekends, this is my YARD!  I'm making hay next week!

 We went to the last girls' home soccer game of the season last night to root for our team, the coaches, and the hubby, who is the "Voice of the Lady Indians."  Beautiful weather, not so beautiful results of the game.
Andrew is in training in the pressbox.
 We often stop at a foot bridge (actually, the Foote bridge) just this side of Big Island, Virginia, on the way home from the lake.  Andrew loves to cross the bridge, which spans a portion of the James River.  I usually stay in the car while the boys make their hike, but I was in no hurry to come home on Sunday and decided to go with them.  Unfortunately, I chose the same day that every scary person within a fifty mile radius decided to show up, so we hightailed it out of there pretty quickly.  (No exaggeration--I actually had to have the discussion with Andrew about the first line of self defense being "get the hell out of Dodge" when people are shady looking--and these were definitely SHADY.  No offense intended to anyone, but they were meth-head redneck gang members for SURE, and I had no cell signal.  I don't spook easily, and I was scared.)  But I managed to take some nice pictures while trying to appear nonchalant and preparing to be robbed of my new smart phone. 

More wildflowers

View from under the bridge.
 And on a completely unrelated topic, flying a kite from a moving boat is a kickass idea. 


Alices Wonderland said...

I love these photos, it's amazing what technology can do....
Your cooking skills are right on par with mine.

alisha said...

so.......i'm looking at my summer plans and my route to/through north carolina and i'm thinking virginia really might/could be on my way back to Ohio.