Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Six-Pack

It wasn't a terribly eventful week, although it was a long one.  Last weekend's night out with friends and family seems like it was ages ago, and my week of no sleep is fading into a distant memory, thank goodness.  But it's that time of year when there are many things going on to help time pass and to offer distractions...some good, some not so good...and the weather is finally better, which makes everything okay.  So, here's to surviving another semi-successful week!  Cheers!

One:  The boy has turned his school experiences completely around.  If you read this, then you'll understand why I was concerned.  Just like that, he seems to have turned a corner and suddenly has beautiful handwriting (even including little swirls on the ends of his letters sometimes!), I've seen no bad grades on papers that come home, and the teacher somewhat begrudgingly told me that he's doing great when I emailed her to check on him.  He has a goal in mind to get an end of grading period award for not only Perfect Attendance, but also for Honor Roll...I have my fingers crossed that he stays motivated.  Not to excuse his lackadaisical effort, but I remember how easy it was to coast, and for a boy reading on a 6th grade reading level in 2nd grade...well, of course he doesn't put forth much effort.  (Sorry, irritatingly braggy mommy moment.)

Two:  I'm hosting one of those dreaded catalog parties tomorrow and wondering how I got myself into this mess.  Not only have I gotten suckered into TWO of these painful things in the last couple of weeks, I also stupidly agreed to host one, in a moment of weakness.  Blame it on wanting to expand my comfort zone, or blame it on the fact that I was weak and suffering from insomnia at the time, or the fact that I'm getting girlier with age and couldn't resist the allure of free jewelry...but I should really kick myself in the ass.  So, now the pressure is on to make sure people are actually coming (no free jewelry if they don't!), that the house is clean (OHMYGOD, it's so NOT), and that I have fabulous snacks and drinks to serve.  Just kill me...but let me get my free cocktail ring first!

Three:  There are three more rehearsals until our first of two drama performances.  (There are too many numbers in that sentence.)  I'm worried, but not panicking, because what's the worst that can happen? (Oh my, don't go there!  Bad idea, bad idea!)  I'm feeling the pressure of being the only adult making this happen--I have parents to email about food for the cast party, I have last minute props and costume pieces to go find somewhere (antennae, humps for hunchbacks, and Irish music, to name a few), I still have to work out curtain calls,...and, OH, the beers shots I will drink next Friday night when this is all over!  But it will all be fine...magically, turning off the auditorium lights inspired the kids to get their acts (no pun intended) together, and hopefully, they are inspired by the pressure as well. 

Four:  I watched The Descendants the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. First of all, because with a seven year-old in the house, our TV watching is often occupied with super heroes, Star Wars, or Harry Potter...all of which I LOVE, but can only take so much of before my mind goes numb and I'm multi-tasking/not paying attention.  It was refreshing to decide to watch a movie of my own choosing (one that I had never seen, that is), to watch it from start to finish, and to just watch it!  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  Without spoiling, I can say that it's about a man whose wife is in a coma and the family drama that ensues as they try to pick up the pieces.  It didn't hurt that it was George Clooney (who just gets better with age, ohmygoodness), but that sort of didn't matter after the first few minutes.  Watch it, really.

Five:  Speaking of my sleep issues...they're gone.  They may have gone too far the other way, but I'm not complaining about that.  Aside from the occasional 4 or 5 a.m. intrusion from the boy trying to climb into the middle of the bed and his 11-pound furry beast of a cat also leaping into the bed to follow him, I'm a sleep machine.  Not only am I going to sleep easily, I'm sleeping through the night and waking up (sort of) refreshed.  Well, as refreshed as the most anti-morning person I know can be!  Not only that, but on multiple nights this week, I have taken a 10 or 15 minute nap on the couch after dinner.  So, here's my good for sleep!  (I love tautologies!)  But really, I think my temporary insomnia had a lot to do with me being tired...too tired to sleep.  And the more tired I got, the more my brain ran in circles through EVERYTHING, the less I could sleep, the more exhausted I got...and whammo!  One crazy, sleep-deprived, cognitively-muddled mess I became.  Note to self:  Sleep more, biatch! 

Six:  At the risk of being obvious, spring has sprung!  Make all the connections you want to with my previous issues above, but there is something to be said for the fact that I'm suddenly able to do these things:   sit in the sun in the afternoons, wiggle my toes in the boy's sandbox while I sip a beer and pretend I'm at the beach, doodle with chalk on the sidewalk while shooting suction cup arrows at the kid as he tries to invade my territory, sit on my beloved porch swing and talk on the phone, walk barefoot in the grass, wear my springy skirts with no leggings and open-toed shoes (Helllllooooo, Fire Engine Red nail polish!), drive with the window down, wear my hair curly and messy (because as much as I love straight and smooth, it's really not me), give myself French manicures (Jesus, I AM getting girly!), and sleep with the windows open and the fans blowing.  I'll disagree with myself once summer is here, and again when basketball season starts, but this is my favorite time of year.  No matter what else is going on, all is right in the world when the sun shines. 

And that's a good place to stop.  Happy Saturday.

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