Saturday, April 06, 2013

"The Path of Least Resistance"

The path of least resistance
is an easy-climbing trail
The walk is never bumpy
I don't have to hold the rail
I never need a compass
for I know the way quite well
Will I venture off the path?
Only time will ever tell.

This path may not be thrilling
I may never see the sights
but I shall never struggle,
for my burden will be light.
There are no savage creatures,
only tame and tender beasts
Food is always in supply,
though it may not be a feast.

Sometimes the trail gets narrow,
and I have to step aside
Walk awhile among the trees
where the danger just might hide.
What if I should start to walk
on the wilder side of things,
where the path is overgrown
and the walk will sometimes sting?

That trail might lead me quickly
to places I've never seen
to find out what is waiting,
discover what life could mean.
But it might lead to a wall
that is covered o'er in thorns,
posted with a sign that reads,
"Those who wander are who mourns."

Some might say, "Walk the wild side,
and see what life can be."
They don't have to live my life
or face what might come to me.
So I walk the path of life
which gives the least resistance.
Who could fault me, after all,
when life is such great distance?

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youarekiddingme said...

Been a long time since I've visited - love the look of the blog! I couln't DM you on Twitter - you can friend me on FB at Pam Melyan-Bratton :)