Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wednesday Whatevers

I haven't done this for a really, really long time.
I just missed Criminal Minds for the millionth time.
My son and his stuffed lion remind me of Calvin and Hobbes.
I get brain freeze so bad it feels like I'm dying, and want to.
There are 28 days of school left, or something like that. 
I'm ready for the year to be over, but have no idea what I'll do this summer.
I am in constant pain.
There are three loads of clean laundry dumped on my bed right now.  Guess where they'll end up at bedtime.
Happy May Day!
There's a young groundhog living under our house, and I'm happy about it.
Our elderly neighbor got his riding mower stuck in a muddy ditch tonight, and the hubby rescued him.
I am considering getting a dog.
I can't believe I just said that.
I'm trying really hard to finish reading Beautiful Creatures so that I can return it to the library.
I get temporarily addicted to mindless apps that I download to the tablets.
I'm excited about Gatsby coming out.  Almost more so about Iron Man 3.
The inaugural meeting of the No Boys Allowed group was held yesterday.
That's just an excuse to drink with friends.
I think I should sign my son up for dance lessons.  Hip hop or something.  Nothing with tights.
"Kak" means "shit" in Afrikaans.
I'm losing patience with people I work with. 
I really hope the boy made the honor roll this time.  He's been working very hard.
I got a lot of new jewelry the other day--the rewards of my party.  Now I see more things I want.
The grey hairs on my head are obnoxious, and I have a Cruella Deville streak coming from my temple.
I have several incomplete poems and short stories to finish.
I still want to write a book.
I need a laptop to do it.
I really, really need to see Rick Springfield soon.
An empty, quiet hotel room sounds a bit like heaven to me right now.
I'm not speaking to my brother.  My mother is worried about it.  It will pass.
I want to count these little blurbs to make sure I don't end on an even number.
I'm weird like that.
There are 33.  And I knew that before I counted.  The end.

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