Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Whatevers

Okay, I got cocky when this was too easy the first time, and it disappeared.  However this turns out, please know that it was better the first time.

I am ecstatic to be posting this from my brand-new shiny iPhone, not because I have to, because I'm sitting here at home, but because I CAN.  So far, this phone has been perfectly wonderful.  I was sad to give my old one up, but this one continues to make me so happy, the momentary sentimental feeling of loss just vanished.  

Speaking of the shiny new toy, which suddenly seems as though it needs a name, like a car, one of my tasks today is to try to reconcile an old, unused iTunes account with the new one I had to create when I couldn't remember the old info.  I'm giddy with anticipation of getting all my music into my phone, and even at the idea of ditching my reliance on Pandora, fickle bitch that she is.  Rap on my Rick  Springfield station, indeed!

I'm a little over midway through summer break, and the inevitable blues have kicked in.  I'm not accomplishing much, other than writing bad poetry and reading good books, but that's a dead horse I'm not going to beat.  Read posts from other summers, change the dates, and you'll get it.  I hate the structure of the school year, or any structure for that matter, but I really don't function very well without it.  

I am inadvertently raising frogs this summer, and that's one thing that, surprisingly, I am enjoying the hell out of. I have no doubt that they're going to turn into big, ugly bullfrogs, but for now, they are adorable.  And like a kid, in fact, MORE than MY kid, I am fascinated by the daily growth of their little tadpole legs and by watching the ones that have "turned" gobble down their crickets.  I was more than a little upset the other night at the thought that the "oldest" frog had eaten his little brother, but it turns out that the little guy just hides really well.  It's a challenge to get a few crickets into the vivarium (yes, I learned a new word) without them jumping away or the frogs hopping out the door, and it's probably really just a matter of time and one good leap before the inevitable happens.

Andrew is suddenly this big kid, and it was never more obvious than the other day when he fell into the lake from our dock, fishing poles, tackle boxes, and all.  He was startled, but didn't cry as the younger Andrew would have, and even though I wanted to.  I look at this kid's feet and am amazed that they were once tiny enough to fit into my hand.  Thankfully, there are moments like these when he is still a little boy, and I treasure them.  Time flies, enjoy it.

Also on the topic of time flying, one of these days, I'll write a great story or book based on one of my oldest friendships.  This friendship has seen marriages, divorces, turmoil, the birth of children, tragedies, and many other life events, all without ever being awkward, judgmental, or uncomfortable, even after lapses in contact or changed status.  It's one I treasure and rely on, especially in rough times, which is all the more significant considering it started online, back in the early days of the Internet.  And other than an afternoon spent together having lunch in a Pizza Hut, one conducted entirely over "long" distance.  Quite a feat, and one that my friend and I even think is quite amazing.  I am thankful, Kevin, for the two decades (holy hell!) of honesty, trust, "shoulders" to cry on, humor, and the ability to say and talk about anything. 

Once again, the menagerie has been fed, too much coffee has been consumed, and the boy, in full Harry Potter costume, is entranced in The Deathly Hallows. It's Wednesday, and my eyes are on the weekend already.  Happy Hump Day, everyone.  Where's that commercial camel when I need him?

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