Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Whatevers

This is not your average Wednesday.  It's the Wednesday of our pre-service week, which means that I am sleep-deprived, physically exhausted and sore, crunched for time to do anything, irritated with plenty of people, and starting to have hourly panic attacks over the possibility that not everything will get finished.  I'm a bundle of joy, and not entirely sure where this is headed, so bear with me.

I just noticed that my growth-spurting kid suddenly has really hairy legs.  Just in time for him to ditch his booster seat. Time is flying by too quickly.

As I get the finishing touches on my room, and by that, I mean choke on asbestos dust from the ceiling as I help to move computer cables that should have been moved over the summer and weren't, and thereby waste a good portion of my morning out of necessity, I realize that if I put my chair in just the right spot, I can completely hide behind the monitor.  That can come in handy when people come looking for you!

I geeked out over these books for a few minutes this afternoon.  When I was about the boy's age, my favorite book series was the Trixie Belden mysteries.  I loved them, and had (still have) most of the series.  Someone put these up for grabs today, and I was beside myself to find that many of them were the ones I still needed.  Okay, I'm still giddy...almost as giddy as when I find money in the dryer.

The hubby put This is Spinal Tap on and went to sleep on the couch with the remote in his hand.  I may have to hurt him.

The boy is having a birthday on Friday, which means that I get the challenge of making minion cupcakes, banana-flavored, no less, in the middle of the night tomorrow.  It's not last year's Harry Potter scene, complete with ice cream cone castle, but it's time I don't have, especially combined with Back to School Night for the little guy.  

I think the dog peed on one of my throw pillows today.  I know for a fact that he ate a magic marker and mangled a Wii nunchuck.  Guess he's not taking this back to school thing any better than I am.  Wonder what I'll destroy?

I'm multi-tasking too much and just started to worry that it won't be Wednesday anymore when I finish this. 

I found this picture of the Staunton Drive-In on Facebook earlier this week.  We used to pile into the station wagon during the summer and ride up the road to see such quality family fare as Grizzly and Herbie the Love Bug.  Okay, whose idea was it to see a movie about a crazed beast ripping people's faces off with all of us kids?  

"It's a dickfer.  What's a dickfer? To pee with."  Spinal Tap changed to Spies Like Us.  Hey, hey, whaddya say, someone should put her phone away...

Happy Hump Day. I'll spare you the camel commercial.

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Tobye said...

I loved Trixie and Honey! Loved, loved, loved. I thought they had the most exciting life ever.