Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Whatevers

I'm doing a lot of these hodgepodge posts lately, but that's kind of indicative of the state of my brain.  It's a busy, busy time of year, and my attention span is shortened, either by the sheer number of distractions and ideas running around in my head, or by exhaustion.  Take your pick, the result is the same.  I would like nothing more at this point than a bottle of wine and a massage.  Calgon, take me away!

Two small examples of my brain drain?  I got out of the shower this morning with conditioner in my hair, which I didn't realize until I went to wrap a towel around it.  Whoops.  A bit ago, I was in the bathroom washing my hands and accidentally squirted kids' toothpaste on my hand instead of soap.  (It's a pump toothpaste dispenser, lest you think I've really lost it.) My synapses are clearly weak, or maybe there are just too many firing at once. 

Because the beginning of the school year is not challenging or painful enough, I thought I'd add in a somewhat crippling and damned inconvenient injury.  I wish I could say it came from something cool like trapeze work or something...but no, it's from a pair of new sandals.  Someone forgot to tell me they were made of acid and sandpaper.  Not only are they hideous and painful  little abrasions, they also keep me from wearing any of my shoes, much less the cute ones.
I started the year/workweek determined to have a menu planned and actually prepare for meals instead of the last-minute decisions that ultimately turn into ordering pizza.  Recognizing that we need to focus more on healthy meals AND save money, it's out of necessity.  A crockpot, some more interesting menu choices, and an able-bodied assistant have helped me accomplish that goal, at least through this week.  No small feat!

We sat down last night and put a bunch  of upcoming events on the household calendar.  Between school stuff, business trips for the hubby, yet another Thelma and Louise road trip for me (woo-hoo!)  and JMU football season starting, I think it will Christmas before we know it.  I'd say "ugh," but that also brings basketball season, so it's not all bad.  

The local TV station used my sunrise pic as part of the morning weather broadcast today.  Unfortunately, the whole world was at work, including me, and no one got to see it.  Figures! I'm sure they said my name wrong, anyway, though, so I'm better off.

This has made me very sleepy, but it's only 8:00.  And as much as I'd love a nap, it's probably not a good idea at this point.  The dog is not helping.  

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