Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Words and Actions

When the words and the actions don’t match
When nothing seems to fit
When I feel like the only solution
Is to give up and to quit

Trying to make it work and
Trying to find a reason
Because to keep fighting for this
Love through every season

Is taking every ounce of my
Faith and loyalty
And all I want understood is that
My love doesn’t come for free

In your corner, on your team
Through every bump in the road
But that comes with a serious price
And, eventually, you’ll reap what you sow

Wound me, hurt me, I forgive
And my scars will slowly heal
Ignore me, slight me, brush me off
Eventually, nothing I will feel

Words and actions need to match
It needs to be give and take
Because when there’s nothing left to give
The camel’s back will finally break.

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