Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday "Grandma"!

Tonight we went out for dinner to celebrate Edna's/Grandma's birthday--a few days early, but they'll be out of town this weekend. Dad, Edna, Leigh Ann, Anna, James, Andrew, and I enjoyed a pleasant dinner at the Wood Grill buffet, then went back to Leigh Ann's to open Grandma's gifts. High points of the evening: the overly enthusiastic male server who led the "Happy Birthday" serenade to Edna---either he likes his job A LOT, or he drinks a lot of free soda while he's there, because this guy was WAY too perky---and my drive-by shoe shopping experience at PayLess (BOGO sale--woohoo) where I bought three awesomely comfortable (I'm so f-ing old!) pairs of sandals in less than 8 minutes. I'm going to try to send pics directly from my phone (because I THINK I can, I THINK I can...) of Edna's reaction to the singing. We'll see what happens. I also think I'm ready to go public with this and start telling fam and friends to come check it out. I'll have to remember that I can't bitch about them.
Andrew's high point tonight was riding in Noddy's car at WalMart. He was disappointed that the Bob the Builder and Roley thing was gone, but Noddy was a tolerable substitute.

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