Monday, June 23, 2008

We've just spent thirty minutes fine-tuning the appearance of the new blog---in between running back and forth between the office and Andrew's room. He had the full bellow going tonight after he went to bed---the first time he wanted me to get the little stuffed crocodile out of his bed because, "it has a tag on it"; the second request was for some more milk, and the third time it was for me to take Bilingual Elmo (the one that sings the Sesame Street theme song in both English and Spanish!) out of the bed because, "I don't need him tonight." Like one more stuffed animal is going to upset the balance of the universe, because as it is, there's barely room in his bed for him.
James went back to work today after our week at Surfside Beach last week. Andrew and I stayed home and resumed our summer schedule---I had kind of gotten in the flow of getting up, fixing breakfast while Andrew and James watched t.v., and then starting the daily bathing suit/sunscreen wrestling match before heading to the beach from the beach house. So today was sort of like vacation lag---laundry to be done, more than three rooms to worry about picking up, and all sorts of necessary evils to think about doing, if not actually getting to them. I did get the fridge cleaned out. We watched WAY too much t.v.---I'll reassure myself by adding that it was all educational programming.
Andrew's definitely addicted to television---if not watching it, then just hearing it while he goes about his business. He threw a full-on temper tantrum this afternoon, which he stubbornly refused to give up on after about 5 minutes in TIME OUT, so I took his t.v. privileges away. Talk about broken-hearted! "I will NOT be fine with the t.v. off!!
Okay, see---I knew this would be crap that no one would want to read! Our friend Jon will definitely realize that I blog stories like I tell them---badly.