Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No pics tonight--not much exciting happened today. Andrew and I just hung out inside today. I was up too late last night and experienced a combination of exhaustion and severe lack of motivation today. Although, one thing I did start was an online family tree--I found a free one that seems pretty cool so far, if I can manage to stick with it long enough to get all the information in. I'll be hitting family members up for information soon, so get those birthdays, anniversaries, and middle names ready for me.

I worked in the garden tonight--murdered some pesky weeds that had taken hold and gave myself a nice blister in the process. We have two tomato plants that are looking kind of puny--unfortunately, they're the only two plants with actually tomatoes as of right now. I hope they recover; I'll be pissed if they die.

We're trying to figure out what to do this weekend for the 4th and for the, well, just for the weekend. James took Friday off, and we might take Andrew to the parade (although Staunton's 4th of July parade has gotten pretty lame). We might just go swimming or to the lake, who knows? I'd like to start some kind of tradition for Andrew--last year we just did some little (legal) fireworks down on the lane.

Andrew's in the bathtub right now--he needed it after playing in the "dirtbox" again tonight---and James just told him it was time to wash everywhere. Andrew's response was, "But I'm not finished taking a bath yet." Taking a bath=playing with the tub toys, I guess, and getting clean is secondary, or maybe not even a concern.


Voice of Reason said...

Is it true that Tamara is the "sap" of the family tree??!! :)

Tamara, James, & Andrew said...

Hardy har har...I got the tree joke, Voice of Reason. I've been accused of much, much worse (in the last half hour, even). I'd rather be the sap than the nut! :-)