Monday, July 28, 2008

VENUS IN OVERDRIVE... playing on my computer right now. And it's awesome, of course. Hubby dear (formerly known as Neanderthal Man the Mighty Snakekiller) called me this afternoon on the way home and said, "Hey, I'm going to pick up a pizza (awesome, no cooking), and why don't you call ********** (the record store) to see if they have the CD." Ever-cynical me, I knew for sure they were going to say no, especially since it's not even RELEASED until TOMORROW. But the girl said, "Yeah, sure, have it right here." And James picked it up. He's my hero---killing snakes and procuring Rick stuff.

So, while I'm totally excited, I'm also pretty bummed. And stupid. Back in April, there was a "contest" to send in photos to be used in the liner notes. I have a GREAT one---the sister picture of the one used in last Friday's flashback. And guess who forgot the deadline and didn't send it? ME!!!!! I'm a moron! Especially since it looks like every single picture that was sent in was used. Damn, damn, damn.
Priceless words from my son this morning while watching Good Morning America---Rick was singing "What's Victoria's Secret?" and Andrew said, "Is that Rick Springfield?" Of course---good for you for knowing that. His next question was, "Is that 'Bop 'til You Drop?" No, honey, it's a different song. "But Rick Springfield SINGS 'Bop 'til You Drop,' right Mommy?" And he proceeded to dance around the living room for the whole performance. Smart kid---he knows greatness when he sees it! This picture is him dancing to the CD ("What's Victoria's Secret", again--he loves that song!) tonight.


Voice of Reason said...

Oh please burn me a copy!!!!

Tamara said...

Geez Mr. C., just when I start complaining about the lack of comments from friends and family, then you have to go and be a smart-aleck. Remind me to smack you. You definitely don't qualify for your V.O.R. title today!