Friday, August 01, 2008


It being my turn to produce a Flashback Friday (and without Tam's great graphic), I figured I'd turn back the clock and send "shout outs" to both my sister Katie and my uncle Owen. Both of those folks have the address and should be checking the blog! This picture is from Katie's christening in the summer of 1977. Working from left to right - my uncle Chris, me, Uncle Owen, my grandmother, and my mom. Obviously Owen and I are the only people who even know there is a picture being taken. Grandma and Mom are chatting with someone. Chris looks bored. This being 1977, we were living in an apartment at Pine Hills Country Club on the east end of Long Island. My parents slept on a pull-out couch in the living room and I had the one bedroom - at least that was the setup for a while. Dig the '70s fashions on the ladies...

As with any of my childhood photos, it makes me both happy and sad to look at this one.

Peace out! ---J

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