Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We survived the first movie in a theater! Andrew was very well-behaved and had a great time, although he started getting a little sleepy toward the end. Or maybe it was just that his possibly hung-over Aunt Leigh Ann had been asleep since about 15 minutes into the movie?

My review: It's a great movie for little kids--I even had a chuckle or two here and there. The makers gave nods to H.A. Rey (and wow, who knew all that about the guy?) by naming the ship that George and the Man with the Yellow Hat travel on after him, and there were a couple of things that happened that were actually in the book, such as George floating away with balloons. Other than that, though, it was nothing like the book, which I begrudgingly understand. The book is sort of politically incorrect--George smokes a pipe and gets thrown in prison for making crank calls to the fire department, and I guess you really can't put that in a kids' movie, huh? Also, at the end of the book, the Man with the Yellow Hat leaves George to live in the zoo, which we all know doesn't really happen, because they're together in all of the other books. But, I firmly believe that Curious George is a children's classic, and you just don't mess with the classics, or if you have to, you change as little as possible. Anyway, it was cute, and Andrew enjoyed it, which was the whole point.

I got robbed by the theater though--which infuriates me, because I did exactly what I said I wasn't going to do. I smuggled in fruit snacks for Andrew to eat during the movie, and I planned to buy popcorn and a drink. Wellllll.....Leigh Ann needed a drink too, and the combo sign caught my eye, as it's supposed to. In retrospect, there's not a price anywhere on the sign, which merely says, "2 large drinks, a large popcorn, and a kid's meal," so that's what I got. I nearly fell down when the kid gave me the drinks--they were NOT the size pictured on the sign, or I never would have ordered them. I can NOT drink a half-gallon of Diet Coke in a whole day, much less during a movie. So there I am, two of the gi-normous drinks, a bath-tub sized bucket of popcorn, and Andrew's cute little tray of popcorn, Skittles, and a normal-sized lemonade. How the hell is one supposed to carry all this? Carefully! And the grand total for the refreshments--$21.50! So much for the free movie, right? Well, then I get straws--the straws for the giganto drinks are about 18 inches long, but there are no other sizes. So how's Andrew supposed to drink his lemonade when the straw would be up to his waist? The geek at the counter looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a normal straw. What's a mom to do, but gnaw the thing in half, being sure to put the now-serrated edge into the drink so Andrew didn't slice his face open on jagged plastic? Okay, so lesson learned--if we go back, and I hope to, we buy 1 tiny little drink and 1 tiny little popcorn and eat our smuggled fruit snacks.

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