Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tomorrow----errr, I mean, today...

I should really be sleeping right now---with the knowledge that Andrew will be up in about 7 hours AND I actually have to get both of us dressed and out of the house in some semblance of a reasonable amount of time, all by myself. For tomorrow...umm, I mean today...Andrew will attend his very first movie in a theater! Curious George is the free movie at the theater (great program that I've been meaning to take advantage of all summer), and Andrew is super-excited!

Unfortunately, I think he's under the impression that he's going to do what George did in Curious George Goes to the Movies, which is "visit" the projection room and get into a little bit of mischief. I hope he's not disappointed (and I hope I prove James wrong when I DON'T get thrown out of the theater for smuggling our own snacks in---it can't be any worse than when Angie and I smuggled a twelve-pack of cheap beer into the theater to see Rattle and Hum), and I hope I can actually get there in time! --T

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