Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SML weekend

The weekend started out horribly. We arrived in the early afternoon on Friday and settled in to take it easy for the rest of the day. James grilled chicken for dinner, which was delicious, then we got Andrew settled down for the night. I joined the rest of the crew on the deck for drinks, but ended up getting violently ill about five minutes later. I broke out in a sweat, the whole world started spinning, and I felt like I couldn't breathe because the air was too thick. Even after I went inside with the AC, I couldn't cool off. Then the nausea hit, and after racing across to the bathhouse to toss my cookies, I decided I had to go to bed. I was too weak to pull the sofa bed out, so James and Edna had to. After sort of hysterical thoughts about, "Oh crap, I'm dying," which caused my heart to race and flutter in a very uncomfortable way, I finally went to sleep.

Saturday, I felt fine. We packed up all the necessities and headed to the new county-sponsored community beach, about a 15-minute ride from Dad's lake house. We had fun for several hours, even though I DON'T recommend the beach--they cheaped out on the sand-dumping, so after wading three feet into the water, we found our feet stuck in this gelatinous goo lake-bottom mud, which was almost enough to make me nauseous again. So we tried our best not to let our feet hit the bottom. Dad, Edna, and Leigh Ann had a party to go to Saturday night (we were "invited", but bowed out for multiple reasons), so we made a trip to DQ for ice cream cones. By the time we got back, they were home. Andrew went to bed, and this time I was able to join the party without a near-death experience.

Sunday, it was time for a boat ride, so we all piled in and went for a long trip across the lake. Andrew fell asleep pretty early on (he always falls asleep on the boat), and I was cramped into an awkward position holding him, so I was very relieved when we reached the marina. We got out to stretch and feed popcorn to the giant carp milling around the dock while the dock boys gassed up the boat. The trip back across the lake seemed much shorter, and when I said so, Dad told me he had been going really slow on the first trip because he was afraid we were going to run out of gas. Nice. Andrew got to steer the boat once we were back in the cove---although we got some really strange looks as we were going in circles. We were all hot after the ride, and the water looked inviting, so we decided to swim off the dock--once Leigh Ann, James, and I were all in, I decided Andrew could handle 30-50' deep water with his life jacket on, so he came in for a swim too, and absolutely loved it. I had been concerned about trying to hold on to him and keep myself afloat without being able to touch bottom, but it was no problem. Edna took pics from the dock, because she's a chicken and didn't want to get in. Andrew was getting really tired by this point, and it was already later than we usually leave, so we rode the golf cart back up the hill to the house, ate a quick lunch, and packed up the car. We said our goodbyes, after Andrew called my bluff and tried to stay with Grandpop and Grandma, then hit the road. James was drowsy after a day in the sun, so he got me to Fincastle/Troutville, then I took over and drove. It was nice to be home, and as usual, felt like we were gone a lot longer than we really had been. We had a great weekend and are already trying to figure out the next weekend trip. --T

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