Friday, August 15, 2008

FLASHBACK FRIDAY - It was three years ago tomorrow......

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that we were blessed to have Andrew join our family. This shot is probably my favorite picture. This was taken by me after the doctors and nurses given him the once-over and gotten him wrapped up. The funny thing is when Andrew wakes up first thing in the morning, sometimes his eyes look just like they do in this shot. (James)

I had a C-section, because Andrew was in the breech position, so that's why the oxygen tubes are there; my arms were also strapped down (I'm not sure what they thought I would do with my arms if they didn't tie me down, but oh well). So it was really frustrating to not be able to actually HOLD Andrew--all they could do was lay him down on my chest, so close to me I actually had trouble seeing him. The tears of joy didn't help the vision too much either. (Tamara)

So while Tam went to recovery, I followed my son to the nursery. Like most modern children, Andrew has been in front of a camera lens since arrival. Day One had me running our digital camera, as well as video and still cameras for the various grandparents. I told Andrew that there were a lot of people outside the room waiting to meet him. He responded by taking a very black, viscous poop. Like father, like son. So we talked and I rubbed his belly with my pinky. That made him squirm and give me a look I still get today when I do something he isn't fond of. We got word after about an hour or so that Mommy was on her way up to the room.

This was a short time later back in the room. Day One was well underway with visitors, the first diaper change, poking and prodding by nurses (one of which labeled him "bruiser" if I recall correctly), and more of the usual chaos and mayhem that is your first day on the planet. I spent a good portion of the evening at the local Rite-Aid printing pictures, which we handed out to everyone who came to visit on Day Two like his rookie baseball card.

Now it is almost three years later...and I still can't believe he's here. He is asleep right now, dreaming of fire trucks, "Fireman Sam", race cars, and maybe playing in the sand. His trusty sidekick Lion is right next to him as always.

So Happy Birthday to the boy known as Drew-Drew, Captain Stupendous, The Demon Seed, The A-Train, Andy-Pandy, Sweetheart, Meatball, Buddy, or just plain Andrew. I hope he reads this some day and knows how happy we are he's here. ---Daddy (J)

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Tamara said...

Who calls him Andy-Pandy, and why do you let them? Uggh!